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Ice Cube Says There’s a Link Between Record Labels and Prisons: ‘Follow the Money’ (Video)

*Ice Cube believes there's something fishy going on with American record labels, their connection to prisons, and released songs that promote "bickering and division,"...

New AI Website Breaks Down Meaning of Any Song

*A Reddit user has reportedly developed a website that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to explain the meaning of “virtually any song.” The site is called...

Minneapolis: Over 400 People Attend Black Tech Talent’s 2nd Annual Community Tech Fest

*Black Tech Talent held its 2nd annual Community TechFest at coworking space Fueled Collective - Downtown in Minneapolis. Sponsored by Best Buy, Arctic Wolf,...

Ready or Not Capitol Records Has Signed the First AI Virtual Rapper: FN Meka! | WATCH

*Yep, it’s getting weird out here! Capitol Records has signed an unusual new act, virtual rapper “FN Meka.” Powered by artificial intelligence, this new...



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