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Fentanyl Suspected to Have Partly Caused Gangsta Boo’s Death

Gangsta Boo Lost 20 People! | Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition
Gangsta Boo / YouTube screenshot

*Hip-Hop fans still mourn the untimely death of Gangsta Boo. Details now emerge indicating that drugs had to do with her passing away. According to TMZ, a drug laced with fentanyl was discovered at the scene where she died.

The “Where Dem Dollas At?” rapper was with her brother at a concert on December 31. It is alleged they were both taking a drug laced with fentanyl. Gangsta Boo overdosed and died, while her brother managed to survive after the overdose.

The lifeless body of 43-year-old Gangsta Boo was discovered in a Memphis home on New Year’s Day around 4pm. Memphis Police Department stated that there were no signs of foul play.

Born Lola Mitchell, Gangsta Boo was never publicly known to be struggling with drug addiction in her 20-year career in music.

But there were speculations she could be doing drugs after a white, powdery substance was found in her and her partner Emmett’s room as they starred on “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” by WeTV.

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Dr. Ish, the show’s in-house therapist, confronted the couple on the incident. It ended with the doctor kicking them off the show. Okay, it didn’t quite end there because Gangsta Boo, after vehemently denying she brought the drugs with her, took to social media to address Dr. Ish.

Said she, “You would think that someone like @drish would have a better choice of delivery, when he is trying to be all ‘professional’. Not sure if he just a TV ‘Dr’ when the cameras are on or in real life when they are off. This is #mentalhealthawareness month so if you care so much about ppl health, with SO much ‘concern and sincerity,’ why did YOU noticeably allow ppl to be on prescription meds while drinking alcohol in front of you?? Everything was on camera. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone to you. Even if they were desperate for therapy. You actually owe the ppl who suffer from these things in the dark A DEEP APOLOGY. It was a bit insensitive and wrong DOC.”

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