Friday, May 27, 2022

Ex-Music Exec Jimmy Henchmen Could Be Released from Prison

*Former music mogul James “Jimmy Henchmen” Rosemond is currently serving multiple life sentences but a recent legal win could see him released as early as next month. 

Rosemond was a hip-hop manager who reportedly ordered the 1994 robbery and shooting of Tupac Shakur at Quad Recording Studios in New York City. He is serving nine life sentences after he was convicted of numerous drug offenses and ordering the murder of 50 Cent’s friend, Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher.

We previously reported that Rosemond maintains that he should’ve long been released from prison after former President Donald Trump offered him clemency. But when Trump revealed the names of people he was pardoning, Rosemond’s name was not on the list.

Rosemond’s attorneys filed a petition in federal court claiming that Trump had a conversation with Hall of Fame football player Jim Brown and his wife Monica about Rosemond’s case and urged Trump to grant him clemency, All Hip Hop reported.

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In October of 2021, Rosemond filed for a writ of habeas corpus

Here’s more from Complex:

The exec first filed a writ of habeas corpus in October—arguing that former President Donald Trump stated in public that he was willing to free him, so remaining in jail should be deemed unconstitutional, the publication reports. Rosemond—who Michael K. Williams was apparently working on a project about at the time of his death—is in jail for drug dealing and allegedly putting a hit on G-Unit affiliate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, who was killed in 2009.

“Rosemond is serving a sentence that no longer exists,” his attorneys reportedly wrote in an earlier 20-page petition. “This exact situation is unprecedented—it does not appear to have happened in the history of the United States. It’s clear to me that Jimmy doesn’t belong in prison for another day.”

Per the report, Henchman’s Warden now has 28 days to “show cause why the writ should not be granted.” 

If he is granted a writ of habeas corpus, a judge will decide the fate of his sentence.

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