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Trump Bashes Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance, Big Gip: Beyoncé Would’ve Dated Tupac Over Jay-Z + More | PicsVideos

Trump - Rihanna (Getty)

*Here’s some Social Heat to jumpstart your day. Donald Trump fixed his crusty lips to form disrespectful words criticizing Rihanna‘s Super Bowl Halftime show. Trumpy needs to be more concerned about the mounting federal investigative cases against him and go moisturize his comb-over. Entertainment Tonight co-host Kevin Frazier filmed Kevin Hart‘s crew, the Plastic Cup […]

Tiffany Haddish Completes Required Parenting Classes for Adoption Process (Video)

Tiffany Haddish

*Motherhood is seriously calling for Tiffany Haddish. Speaking with “Entertainment Tonight,” the actress said that she has completed the parenting classes required to go through the adoption process. “I really wanted to be a foster parent, but because I’m at a certain level of success, my lawyer suggested that it’s probably best to just adopt, […]

Prince’s Sister Tyka Nelson on His Death: ‘I Knew That it was Coming’ (WATCH)

*When Prince died earlier this year, fans around the world were shaken and shocked, but interestingly, or should we say, equally as shocking, his sister, Tyka Nelson, told “ET‘s” Kevin Frazier it was something she expected. “It wasn’t hard at all,” Nelson said about coming to grips with Prince’s death. “It was a two-word phone […]

Bobbi Kristina: Family Source Denies Plan to Pull Plug on Whitney’s Death Date

*An unnamed source in Bobbi Kristina’s family is denying multiple reports claiming they will take her off of life support on Wednesday, the anniversary of her mother Whitney Houston’s death, according to HipHollywood. “Family sources tell our Kevin Frazier that the the stories are ‘not true at all,’” the site reports. As previously reported, the […]

Marshawn Lynch Actually Talks to Michelle Williams & Kevin Frazier (Watch)

*Marshawn Lynch may have had the same answer ready for media types at the Super Bowl media day on Tuesday, but the Seattle Seahawks running back managed to give a different response to questions posed by “Entertainment Tonight”’s Kevin Frazier and Destiny Child vocalist Michelle Williams. According to, the pair were on hand backstage […]