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Nesma Yahia: Fashion Designer with Dwarfism Creates Egypt’s First Clothing Line for Little People
*Vertically challenged Egyptians have a new place to shop for clothes, thanks to a 20-year-old student...
Rough Cut - Nigeria Marks Diamond Jubilee Since Independence
*It is Black history month all throughout the month of October in the United Kingdom. And as a reminder...
The Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism supports CARTAN
*The Lagos based Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism has donated funds to the Cartoonists...
Nigerian Cartoonists Go Viral on Independence Day
*60 years ago, Africa’s most populous nation gained independence from Great Britain. A milestone...
Critics: Zimbabwe Stepping Up Arrests and Assaults Against Female Protesters
*Recent arrests and alleged assaults against women by state agents in Zimbabwe have again brought international...
Black Restaurant Week & Pepsi Hit The Road to Celebrate Black Culinary Tastemakers
Black Restaurant Week *Foodies can raise their forks to events showcasing African-American, African and Caribbean cuisine...
The 'Rumble in the Jungle' Was Postponed, But Not Its Three-Day Promotional Concert 'Zaire 74' [EUR Video Throwback]
*The Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman boxing match in Zaire, a.k.a. the “Rumble In The Jungle,”...
Violent Video of Killing Amps Up Cameroon’s Anglophone Conflict
*Margaret Lum Timasam, 62, was working on her farm in Muyuka, in Southwest Cameroon, when her daughter...
Sexual Assault Rate Climbs during Nigeria Covid-19 Lockdowns and Police Are Helpless to Intervene
*Covid-19 isn’t the only plague hitting Nigeria. Sexual assaults are on the rise as lockdowns freeze...
VIDEO: White Woman Pulls Gun on Black South African Protesters / WATCH
*PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa — A pair of ads on the website of a major South African pharmacy-retailer...
Conjoined Twins - Camaroon
Cameroon Couple Cries for Help for Conjoined Twins
*Twenty-four-year-old Caroline Enjewi was overjoyed when the results of her pregnancy ultrasound revealed...
Akon - Afrika - Wakanda1
Why Rapper Akon's African City is Not Black Panther's Wakanda (WATCH)
*Attorney Antonio Moore discusses Black Panther and Akon City being built in the image of Wakanda in...
jessica krug
'I Am A Culture Leech': Another White 'Africana Studies' Professor Has Been Passing as a Black Woman (Video)
Jessica Krug, a white professor at George Washington University, revealed that she has been passing as...
Ocakacon Robert
Uganda’s Blood Donors Demand Payment as Shortages Continue / Video Report
*Ambrose Ali’s son needed a blood transfusion. So Ali left his home, in the middle of a pandemic, and...
Logging Efforts on Ancestral Land Pit Community Against Economic Interests
Dr. Boli Baboule Zachée, 74, wanted to spend his retirement in his ancestral land, the Ebo Forest zone, ...


Candace Owens and Eminem
Candace Owens Fires Back at Eminem After Being Dissed on His Latest Album
Sandra 'Pepa' Denton - Getty
Sandra 'Pepa' Denton (Salt-N-Pepa) Deemed Safety Risk - REMOVED from Southwest Flight in Vegas | WATCH
Robin Allen as Miss Cleo - via Lifetime
Lifetime Announces Biopic 'Miss Cleo: Her Rise and Fall' Starring Robin 'The Lady of Rage' Allen | WatchTrailer
Trump - JD Vance (Getty)
Trump Selects Ohio Sen. JD Vance As His Running Mate | VIDEO
Shannen Doherty dead after cancer battle
Shannen Doherty Dead at 53, 'Beverly Hill, 90210' Co-Stars Pay Tribute
nene leakes and kenya moore
Nene Leakes Reacts to Kenya Moore's Departure from RHOA
Donald Trump - Bennie Thompson
MS Congressman Bennie Thompson Faces Backlash for Bill to Strip Trump’s Security | VIDEO
amber rose
Amber Rose Discusses Her Support for Donald Trump to His Daughter-in-Law | Video
Meet The Queens of 'Rupaul’s Drag Race Global All Stars' | Video


Candace Owens and Eminem
Sandra 'Pepa' Denton - Getty
Robin Allen as Miss Cleo - via Lifetime
Trump - JD Vance (Getty)

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