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Warryn Campbell Opens Up About Extramarital Affair That Nearly Destroyed His Marriage

Erica + Warryn Campbell

*When gospel singer Erica Campbell appeared on “The Tamron Hall Show” a few weeks ago, she dished about her book “More Than Pretty”,  which includes several stories from her personal life, including how she and her husband, Warryn Campbell, overcame his extramarital affair.

Following the show taping, MadameNoire caught up with Warryn to dish about his version of the infidelity. He also opened up about his latest project from his record label My Block, colorism, and more.

When asked if his wife was blaming herself during her appearance on Hall’s show for what happened in the marriage, Warryn replied: “Nah, nah. She wasn’t blaming herself. She was just stating what it was. I got engaged at 23, I shouldn’t have been doing that. I wasn’t ready. I just knew I loved her so much. And my wife is four years older than me.”

Check out a few excerpts from the conversation below.

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Warryn also noted that his wife was far more ready to taking on marital responsibilities than he was at the time. 

“The Bible says he that finds a wife, finds a good thing. I knew she wasn’t a girlfriend. When I met her she was a wife already. It doesn’t say he who finds a girlfriend, it says he who finds a wife. When I met her, she was already wife material. She functioned and moved like a wife and I knew that. I was like ‘Ima lose her. She’s not a permanent girlfriend. So I said, ‘Ima marry her even though I know I’m not ready. I know I got all this extra baggage. I know I got all this sexual inventory. I know I got all this stuff. But I’ll be fine if I get married and just settle down,'” he explained to MadameNoire.

“What you don’t know is I told my father, ‘Da, I’m going to ask Erica to marry me.’ He said, ‘Okay…I told you, you would know. Now, that’s a woman right there. Let me tell you another thing. When I met your momma, I was a virgin. I don’t know nobody else. We’ve only been with each other. Now you, you don’t have the same testimony. I’ve seen all these women coming in and out. There’s no gene that’s going to transfer from me to you that’s going to cause you to be faithful. It’s going to be hard for you,” Warryn added.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I didn’t take his advice. What I should have done was take the time, however long that took, a year or two years, to detach myself from every other female I’d known or other conversations. Because when you don’t do that, it’s very difficult. Especially, at 23 I’m a multimillionaire. I got paper. The girls hear I’m engaged to this girl who’s all over tv, so they’re like, ‘He must really got it crackin’.’ Them actresses and them R&B singers they all calling now, trying to holler at you. It’s like, ‘Oh man, what do I do?’ I’m 23. I’m like, ‘I can play both sides. I can figure this out,'” he continued. 

“So about three years into the marriage, I just broke one day and I told her, ‘I been messing up.’ And the first thing she told me was, ‘I’m mad but I’m not leaving.’ I was like, ‘Yo, this is crazy.’ I was sure it was over. I was positive.” he revealed. 

To find out why he was compelled to confess the truth to his wife, read the rest of the conversation here

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