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Biopic About Johnnie Cochran’s Signal Hill Police Brutality Case to Film in Atlanta

*Director Taylor Hackford and actor Anthony Mackie are gearing up for a biopic about famed attorney Johnnie Cochran. The project titled “Cochran (aka Signal Hill)” will reportedly film in Atlanta early next year, and centers around the 1981 police brutality case of Ron Settles, a student who died under suspicious circumstances while in police custody. […]

D.L. Hughley on the ‘Three Most Hated Black Men in America’ [WATCH]

*Comedian D.L. Hughey said the “three most hated black men in America” were Barack Obama, Colin Kaepernick, and O.J. Simpson during an interview with TMZ. He made the comment when asked about Kaepernick reportedly filing a grievance with National Football League over him not having a job yet this season and the ongoing national protest debate.  Hughley […]

O.J. Simpson Reportedly Staying in Gated Community in Las Vegas

*O.J. Simpson has reportedly gone from a prison cell to a huge 5,000 square foot home in a private gated community in Las Vegas. According to TMZ, the owner of the property is Simpson’s longtime friend, who also testified for O.J. in the Vegas robbery trial. O.J. Simpson Staying In Massive Vegas Home on Golf […]

O.J. Simpson Wants Seven Figures for 1st Interview, but TV Outlets Fear Backlash (Report)

*Major TV networks have reportedly decided that an interview with O.J. Simpson following his nine-year prison stint is not in their best interest. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simpson’s associates have been shopping his first post-prison interview for weeks, but news outlets are unwilling to risk alienating viewers. “It is treacherous,” says one TV news […]

O.J. Simpson Could Be Released From Prison As Soon as Monday

*Plans are reportedly underway in Las Vegas for O.J. Simpson to be released on parole as soon as Monday (Oct. 2), a prison spokeswoman said Wednesday. The process is reportedly in motion but must be approved and documents must be signed, state Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Keast said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The […]

O.J. Simpson Offered Job at Nevada Brothel, Prostitutes Threaten to Quit

*O.J. Simpson has been offered work at a Nevada brothel while on parole, but it’s already causing alarm among his prospective co-workers who want no part of The Juice in their workspace. According to TMZ, the Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada has a job waiting for O.J. upon his expected release on October 1. […]

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole, Could Be Released As Early as October

*O.J. Simpson is about to be a free man. At age 70, Simpson – aka Inmate No. 1027820 – was granted parole after pleading with the four member board Thursday to set him free. The four-member panel who voted unanimously for Simpson’s release cited his support in the community and stable plans after life in prison. Simpson […]

Networks Already Scrambling to Book O.J. Simpson’s First Post-Parole Interview

*The rush is on for O.J. Simpson’s first post-parole television interview in the event that he’s actually released. Legal experts expect Simpson, who was sentenced in 2008 for armed robbery and assault, to be granted parole, which means he could be out of prison by October, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t think there […]

ESPN to Air O.J. Simpson’s Parole Hearing Live as a 90-Minute Special

*O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing in Nevada this Thursday (July 20) will be carried live on ESPN as an expanded, 90-minute “Outside the Lines Special,” the network reports. Pool cameras will be set up in the hearing room and about 30 different news organizations have registered to cover the hearing at both its location in Carson City […]

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Cosby is Not O.J. Simpson

*It is tempting to compare the Bill Cosby trial to the O.J. Simpson trial. And more than a few have. Cosby is a mega celebrity. He’s been practically a household name for decades. He’s got a lot of money. And before his fall and disgrace, he was much admired, and lauded, by millions as a […]

Caitlyn Jenner Suggests Robert Kardashian Defended O.J. Simpson to Spite Ex-Wife Kris

*In her upcoming memoir, Caitlyn Jenner is claiming that late attorney Robert Kardashian only defended their friend O.J. Simpson in his murder trial to get back at his ex-wife…the soon to be Kris Jenner. According to Radar Online, Caitlyn Jenner’s first memoir, Secrets of My Life, includes revelations about what the 1995 murder trial was like […]

Chris Darden Believes O.J. Simpson Gave Murder Confession to Rosie Grier (Watch)

*Christopher Darden has surfaced — and he’s sharing his belief that O.J. Simpson has already confessed to the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, multiple times. The former prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, currently promoting the new e-book version of his 1996 title “In Contempt,” stopped by “The View” on Thursday to discuss the 1994 […]

Gilbert Arenas Taunts Ex Laura Govan: ‘About to Get My Inner O.J. On’

*Gilbert Arenas appears to have hit back at accusations from his estranged wife Laura Govan that he slept with her younger sister, Gloria. The former NBA star took to Instagram in the wake of Laura’s recent comments to Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored, where she hinted that Gloria had sex with Gilbert. When pressed about the details, however, she would […]

O.J. Simpson to Give Khloe Kardashian Paternity Test if She Visits Him in Prison?

*O.J. Simpson has reportedly agreed to take a paternity test to see if Khloe Kardashian is his daughter, but only if the reality star visits him on lockdown, according to a former guard at the prison. Jeffrey Felix, who guarded O.J. at the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada, says Simpson will agree to a mouth […]