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Omarosa Compares Her White House Experience to Working on a Plantation

[videowaywire video_id=”FD51C98729E9B483″] *Omarosa Manigault-Newman is using her time in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house to spill some tea about what life was like for her inside Donald Trump’s white house. On Saturday’s episode, Omarosa, who served as the Office of Public Liaison’s director of communications, compared the freedom she felt leaving his administration to being freed […]

Wanda Sykes Calls Omarosa One of the ‘Great Fails In Black History’ [Watch]

*Wanda Sykes appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tuesday night with a special segment called “Great Fails in Black History” and the focus was Omarosa Manigault-Newman. “Omarosa-Manigault Newman is a TV personality and former White House aid. She gained fame on the reality show ‘The Apprentice,’ where she was fired by Donald Trump […]

White House Confirms Omarosa Was Fired After Using Unauthorized Car Service

*The White House has finally revealed the reason why Omarosa Manigault was fired, and it comes as she continues to makes headlines for her appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother.” The former Trump aide was apparently kicked to the curb after she used White House car service known as “CARPET” without authorization, according to Politico report. Doing […]

Omarosa Compares Her Trump Loyalty to Keshia Knight Pulliam Standing by Bill Cosby

[videowaywire video_id=”16AF15CFA02AADB7″] *There’s a lot to unpack from last night’s episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” after houseguest Omarosa said through crocodile tears that America “should be worried” about Trump’s presidency, that she would never “in a million years” vote for him again, and suggested that her loyalty to him amid destructive policies was no different […]

Omarosa Reportedly Nabs $1 Million for ‘Big Brother’ AND Deal for a Talk Show Pilot

[videowaywire video_id=”G7LXVZ2YJL29PMQ7″] *Donald Trump’s former staffer Omarosa has reportedly scored a $1 million payday to join CBS’s “Celebrity Big Brother,” and the offer came with a deal for her own talk show pilot, according to RadarOnline. While TMZ is reporting that each of the show’s celebrity houseguests signed a base deal of about $200,000, and […]

Steve Bannon Calls Limited Number of Black Staffers in White House ‘Inexcusable’

[videowaywire video_id=”W75RY10PMHHM7T04″] *With Omarosa Manigault Newman now out of the White House, her departure raises questions about diversity, or lack of it, within Donald Trump’s administration. “I’m the only African-American woman who sits at the table,” the former “Apprentice” contestant and ex-White House senior staffer said in an interview Thursday with ABC. Newman added that she plans to […]

Omarosa’s Bizarre ‘Soul Sistahs’ Mini-Movie Resurfaces [WATCH]

[videowaywire video_id=”H9DYGD35T2QZCR6L”] *“An ultra-camp, hyper-kitsch, uber-low-budget 10-minute sci-fi short film” called ‘Soul Sistahs’ — starring Omarosa has emerged and it’s leaving folks with all sorts of questions. Page Six reports that the movie was made in 2006, two years after Omarosa made her debut on “The Apprentice.” The plot reportedly “centers on an intergalactic yenta in a housecoat […]

Black GOP Pundits Fight on CNN as White House Gives Them Green Light to Trash Omarosa (Watch)

[videowaywire video_id=”D12DF8307QWN7VJW”] *Things got heated among two black conservatives appearing Thursday on “CNN Tonight.” It all went down during a segment about exiting presidential aide Omarosa Manigault Newman and reports that the White House gave black pundits permission to criticize the former reality star after her “Good Morning America” interview, where she threatened to expose negative info […]

Omarosa Calls Robin Roberts’ ‘Bye Felicia’ Comment ‘Petty’: ‘It’s a Black Woman Civil War’

[videowaywire video_id=”YCFT8Q0P93MPBR63″] *Omarosa Manigault Newman says the “Bye Felicia” shot fired from the annoyed lips of “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts was a “petty” move and represents a “civil war” among African American women. During Omarosa’s first interview after her White House resignation/firing was announced Wednesday, the three-time “Apprentice” contestant told “GMA’s” Michael Strahan Thursday that she […]

Mel B Paying Ex $500k in Spousal Support – Omarosa Owes $30k in Back Taxes

[videowaywire video_id=”7KL9CK2NS0RKV8Y6″] *Stephen Belafonte will be making a mint off his ex Mel B — as a judge has ordered her to pay him $500,000 over the next three years in their divorce settlement. According to new docs filed in the case, Mel B is paying her ex-husband $15,000 per month — $180k per year, a total […]

April Ryan Responds After Omarosa Blasts Her on ‘GMA’: ‘I Stand By My Story’

[videowaywire video_id=”71DBY01BMNLWSC5B”] *Veteran White House correspondent April Ryan stands by her account of Omarosa Manigault being fired and physically removed from her White House post despite the former reality star’s denials on “Good Morning America.” “I stand by my story. My company stands by my story. And I’m going to tell you again, sources in […]