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Oklahoma Frat SAE Shut Down After Racist Chant Goes Viral (Watch)

*University of Oklahoma’s chapter of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon is no more. The school on Monday shut it down after members were caught chanting a racial slur and referencing lynching in a video that went viral. In the clip, which initially surfaced Sunday, members of SAE are seen on a bus chanting, “There will […]

Terrence Howard’s Pissed ‘Cause He Can’t Say N***er on ‘Empire’

*There’s no question that “Empire” makes Wednesday nights must-see TV with it pushing the envelope to the extreme every week. So what would happen if there was no envelope to push and they could get away with doing and saying anything? If it was up to Terrence Howard, that would be exactly what viewers got. […]

Lionel Richie Rips Kanye West’s N-Word Use During Brit Awards

*Madonna’s backwards tumble down the stairs wasn’t the only buzzy thing from the Brit Awards this week. The look on Lionel Richie’s face says it all. *The former Commodores frontman later said he was appalled by Kanye West’s repeated use of the N-Word (39 times) during his energetic performance of “All Day.” Viewers at home heard only […]