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AG Jeff Sessions Questions Validity of Justice Dept. Reports on Ferguson and Chicago Policing

*Trump’s new Attorney General Jeff Sessions has questioned reports published by his agency about policing in Chicago and Ferguson, Missouri, describing “some of it” as “pretty anecdotal and not so scientifically based.” While admitting that he had not read the reports, but instead viewed summaries, Sessions questioned the department’s findings using the “anecdotal” critique and […]

Black Caucus Dems Visit Senate to Read Coretta Scott King’s Letter and Protest Jeff Sessions

*About 10 members of the Congressional Black Caucus just stepped into the Senate chamber to protest the confirmation of President Trump’s attorney general nominee, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), and express outrage against the silencing of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “Sen. Sessions may be one of the most incompatible nominees to the Department of Justice that we’ve seen in decades […]

#ShePersisted: GOP’s Silencing of Elizabeth Warren for Quoting Coretta Scott King Backfires

*A new feminist rallying cry was born last night, courtesy of the GOP’s vote to formally silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) while debating the racist history of fellow senator, and Trump’s attorney general nominee, Jeff Sessions (R-Ala). “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the phrase during his rebuke of Warren, whom […]

Here’s What Happens When Sessions is in the Saddle at Justice

*In 2008, the Alabama Policy Institute published a position paper on what it considered a dangerous trend by the courts and attorneys general. The trend was the court’s approval of consent decrees. For decades, consent decrees have been major weapons wielded by the Justice Department to go after cities, states, and corporations that engage in […]

NAACP President to Testify at Senator Sessions Nomination Hearing This Week

*WASHINGTON, DC – A week after statewide demonstrations and a sit-in arrest at the offices of US Attorney General nominee and Senator Jeff Sessions, NAACP President/CEO Cornell William Brooks will be one of only four opposition voices to testify before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee about his fitness for the position of US Attorney General. […]

Alabama NAACP to Protest Jeff Sessions Nomination Today (01-03-17)

Statewide Protests at Five Offices Across State Scheduled for January 3, 2017 MOBILE, AL — NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks will join with local Alabama chapters of the NAACP for a statewide protest of the nomination of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III for U.S. Attorney General. Alabamians Against Sessions for Attorney General will include five […]

Reaction to AG Nominee Senator Jeff Session’s Ties to Hate Group

*WASHINGTON, D.C. — Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron and Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera, who is also a member of AFJ’s Board of Directors, raised serious concerns about Sen. Jeff Sessions, whose most recent supplement to his Senate Judiciary Questionnaire (SJQ) confirms that he delivered speeches to a hate group in recent years. […]

Jeff Sessions is the Final Step in the GOP Plan for Permanent National Political Control

*It’s no accident that GOP Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley Senator Grassley is speed dialing the confirmation hearings of Attorney General designate Jeff Sessions to the second week of January. It’s no accident that he has so far ignored all entreaties from skeptical Democratic Senators to delay the hearings. It’s also no accident that […]

Obama’s Clemency to Federal Prisoners Likely to be Undone by Trump Administration

*Uh oh, here’s some distressing news regarding the clemency that President Obama has granted to 79 federal prisoners. The New York Times is reporting the Donald Trump‘s nominee for Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions is likely to find a way to have Obama’s decisions overturned: President Obama is on pace to be the first president […]