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Alt Right’s Richard Spencer Calls Patriots Victory a Win for the ‘White Race’

*Folks on Twitter were already calling Sunday’s Super Bowl “Black Lives Matter (Falcons) vs. white supremacy (Patriots),” based solely on the owner, coach and quarterback of the Pats being proud supporters of President Trump. After Tom Brady QB’d his team to a dramatic come-from-behind 34-28 victory, white supremacist Richard Spencer – the guy who kept getting punched […]

Hundreds at Texas A&M Protest Speech from White Nationalist Richard Spencer

*Hundreds of students came out to protest a speech by the white-nationalist leader Richard Spencer at Texas A&M University on Tuesday. Spencer made headlines last month with his, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” cry that went viral from a white-supremacist gathering in Washington, D.C., as other event attendees gave the Nazi salute. While […]

White Supremacists Create Fake ‘black person’ Twitter Troll Accounts

*In Donald Trump’s vision of AmeriKKKa, angry, Obama-hating white folks feel that their call of duty is to attack people of color as a way to show their unity with the president-elect. Last week, a pro-Donald Trump white supremacist website called the Daily Stormer said it created 1,000 fake Twitter accounts of fictional black people […]

Ex KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Endorses Donald Trump

*It’s no surprise that Republican candidate Donald Trump has the support of white nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, David Duke, who today encouraged his radio show listeners to volunteer for the mogul’s campaign. “Call Donald Trump’s headquarters [and] volunteer,” he said on the “David Duke Radio Program.” At Trump campaign offices, he […]

Suspect Arrested in Shooting of Five #BlackLivesMatter Protesters in Minneapolis

*Minneapolis police have arrested one of three white men wanted in connection with the shootings of five people near a police station where demonstrators have gathered for more than a week to protest the recent killing of an unarmed black man by officers. Police have arrested a 23-year-old man, according to CNN. The department is still looking […]

‘Nightline’ Producer Experiences Racial Hatred for the 1st Time (Watch)

*An African American producer for ABC’s “Nightline” recently shared her first-ever experience of “direct hatred towards me because of the color of my skin.” Jasmine Brown is telling her story for “timesXtwo,” described by ABC and partner BBC News as “a double-take on the people around us, and why they do what they do). Brown […]