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Deion Sanders Flamed by Son Shilo After Mom Pilar Wins Full Custody

*Deion Sanders’ son Shilo announced Thursday his joy over being back with his mother Pilar full time following a super-messy, four-year custody battle. “After what seems like forever, I’m finally officially back full time with my mom!” Shilo wrote on Instagram. “My mom having full custody of me is all I have wanted for years. Thank […]

Deion Sanders’ Son Accused of Brutally Attacking High School Employee

*A Dallas high school employee claims he was brutally attacked by Deion Sanders’ teenage son, beating him so badly that he needed spinal surgery, according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports. John Darjean claimed Sanders broke school rules in Sept. 2015 by using his cell phone on campus during school hours. When he tried to confiscate […]

A Broke Pilar Sanders Pleads with Court to Continue Her Case

*The sad saga of Pilar Sanders, the ex-wife of Deion Sanders, just won’t stop. According to, Pilar  is pleading with a Texas Court to allow her to appeal her divorce judgement, claiming she wants to continue the fight with her former husband but she is dead broke and can’t afford to pay the court […]

Pilar Sanders Will Have to Pay Deion Sanders $2.2M and Go Back to Jail

*In the never-ending war between Deion Sanders and his ex, Pilar Sanders, Deion has just scored a key victory. Specifically, he won more than a million dollars in his defamation case against Pilar. In addition to the multi-million judgment, the judge ordered Pilar back to jail for a week on January 8th, according to Sandra […]