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‘Mike’ Brown’s Mother Lezley McSpadden Down with Hillary

*Hillary Clinton has received numerous endorsements over the course of her campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. With that, comes the support of another prominent person in the form of Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael ‘Mike’ Brown. On Tuesday (Mar. 15), The Huffington Post obtained a letter McSpadden wrote to the Clinton campaign […]

White Missouri Cop on Unpaid Leave Over Racially-Charged Music Video (Watch)

*A white Missouri police officer is currently on unpaid leave after he popped up (in uniform) in a racially charged music video toting a sign reading “cops lives matter.” St. Joseph patrolman Zackary Craft is also shown reaching for his gun in the video for “Before This Bomb Blows Up (Racism Goes Both Ways)” by […]

Justice Dept. Sues City of Ferguson Over Pattern of Police Abuse

*The federal government filed a 56-page civil lawsuit Wednesday against the City of Ferguson, Mo. alleging that, 18 months after the police shooting of Michael Brown, the city’s police and court system continue to violate black residents’ civil rights. According to Washington Post, the lawsuit says these “ongoing and pervasive” violations come from the city’s […]

Akon Opens Up about US Black Folks Lacking Knowledge on Africa

*Akon is not only a pop star, but he’s an activist and philanthropist who set out to help Africa. He started a non-profit organization, “Akon Lighting Africa.” His goal with the organization is helping 49 countries in Africa garner solar-powered electricity by the end of 2020, according to Al Jazeera.

High Profile Cases Never Brought to Trial: Ever Wonder How Grand Jury’s Work?

*No “guilty” or “innocent” verdicts were handed down in two  high-profile cases last year. Officers Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo., and Daniel Pantaleo in Staten Island, N.Y., didn’t even go to trial at all.. And these officers actually killed unarmed, black men. In both cases, a grand jury decided that no criminal charges should be […]

‘Troubled Loner’ vs. ‘Thugs’: Why the Loaded Language in Crime Stories?

*Notice anything different with current news coverage surrounding Robert Lewis Dear, the man at the center of the shooting spree that occurred Friday at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado and past coverage of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown? If your answer is ‘yes,’ you are correct. A look at descriptions of people […]

How the #BLM Movement Stays Alive & Effective Outside Spotlight

*The longevity of the Black Lives Matter movement may have initially been doubtful, but months after its formation, the effort continues to make a difference in and out of the spotlight. The Christian Science Monitor notes that while the media has mostly focused on the two suspects arrested in connection with the recent shooting of […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Missouri and Paris

*In the last week there was a coordinated series of terrorist attacks and two high ranking officials at the University of Missouri resigned. And though they appear unrelated, these two events originate from the same place. The resignations at the University of Missouri follow a series of events in which students of color and Jewish […]

Over 1/2 of Black Millennials Know a Victim of Police Brutality: Study

*With police brutality occupying a healthy space in today’s news, a 2009 survey raises a noticeable point among Black millennials. According to information released to the Associated Press on Wednesday (Nov. 4), “54.4 percent of Black Millennials answered yes to the question: ‘Have you or anyone you know experienced harassment or violence at the hands […]

Anonymous Threatens to Reveal Names of Up to 1,000 KKK Members

*Anonymous is once again on the offense, with plans to name up to 1,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan. Fox News cites a press release in which the so-called “hacktivist” group announced its intent to reveal the names on Wednesday (Oct. 28). According to the release, Anonymous stated that it is right for them […]

Father of Amonderez Green: ‘Ferguson Police Shot My Son’ (Watch)

*Opposing stories have emerged in the shooting death of 18-year-old black teen Amonderez P. Green near Ferguson, Mo., the town where unarmed black teen Michael Brown was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson last year, sparking protests across the nation. Authorities confirmed Thursday that Green, 18, died of a gunshot wound after firing at officers Wednesday […]

Harry Belafonte and Usher Unite for Joint Discussion on Activism

*Two generations of singers. One common topic. That was the thread uniting Usher and Harry Belafonte during an hour-long discussion on activism over the weekend at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. Moderated by Soledad O’Brien, the conversation between the 37-year-old “I Don’t Mind” hitmaker and the 88-year-old music veteran/activist included mutual respect expressed as […]

Chicago’s Mayor Blames Phone Video for Violence Against Cops

*Capturing significant life moments on mobile phone video works well for everyone…unless you’re a police officer. According to CNN, the impact of cell phone video has struck a nerve with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who referenced “the chilling effects of high-profile protests against police brutality and officers’ fear of cell phone videos of their actions going viral” […]

Jesse Williams Shoots Down ‘Angry’ Black Man/Woman Stereotype

*Dispensing proper reasoning, “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams shot down the stereotype of the angry black man/woman in today’s society. The actor made his views known about the stereotype during a recent interview with The Guardian, according to The Huffington Post, which noted that Williams also touched on the misguided assumption that a black person’s […]

‘Ferguson Cover-Up’ Doc Examines Truth Behind Michael Brown Case

*More than a year after the death of Michael Brown, a new documentary is set to shed new light on the tragedy with an unflinching look inside the case and everyone involved in an effort to “help clear up some of the misunderstanding around what took place on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.” Detailing […]