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Wiz Khalifa Subtweets about Amber Rose Keeping Son from Him

*Wiz Khalifa went into a subtweet rant allegedly about his ex-wife Amber Rose keeping their son Sebastian “Bash” Thomaz away from him, according to YBF. Back in the September, Rose filed for divorce — calling Khalifa a serial cheater and then requested $1 million in spousal support as well as full custody of Baby Bash.

Deelishis: My Leaked Nude Pics Were ‘Meant For One Man’s Eyes Only!’

*Wiz Khalifa’s rumored girlfriend Deelishis felt the need to go on Instagram and offer somewhat of an apology for her nude photos that found their way onto the Web several days ago. She is remorseful because the pics are old and were taken before she got her breast augmentation. “It happens to the best of […]

Amber Rose: Family’s No-Show at Wedding Because Wiz Khalifa is Black

*Amber Rose may have a loving attitude towards black men, but that doesn’t mean her family shares the same feeling. If you missed it, Monday night, during an interview for “Light Girls,” the follow-up to OWN’s documentary “Dark Girls,” Rose opened up about how colorism and racism within her family and the black community affected […]

Deelishis: Just a Friend with Wiz Khalifa; Notes Both Are Divorced

*Reality star Deelishis caused some controversy when she posted the above photo of her hugged up with Wiz Khalifa on Instagram right around the holidays. “It’s a happy holiday,” the reality TV star captioned the pic. Many critics thought the photo indicated they are a couple.

Amber Rose Wants to Fix Her Broken Heart before Dating Again

*Amber Rose knows there are more fish in the sea, but she’s not fishing until her heart mends from her divorce with Wiz Khalifa. “I’m not thinking about that right now. If I not married to Wiz right now, I don’t want to be married. I don’t even want to date right now, I just […]