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‘The View’ Hosts Defend Missouri Teacher’s Use of N-Word

‘The View’ defends teacher's use of N-Word

*“The View” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have weighed in on the Missouri math teacher who was recorded by a student using the N-word during a class discussion. The incident occurred at Glendale High School in Springfield, where Mary Walton, 15, recorded her geometry teacher trying to justify his use of the racial slur, […]

Oakland A’s Announcer Suspended Indefinitely After Saying N-Word on Air | Watch

Glen Kuiper Apologizes After Saying N-Word on Air

*Oakland A’s announcer Glen Kuiper issued an apology for using the N-Word live on-air when referring to the Negro League. Kuiper was suspended indefinitely on Sunday for using the racial slur while discussing his visit to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, according to The Huffington Post. Kuiper was gushing about the trip […]

Grand Prairie NAACP Wants School Principal Fired After Racist Video | WATCH

Grand Prairie Texas N-word protest - screenshot

*In Grand Prairie, TX (in the Dallas area), the local NAACP chapter is calling for accountability and the resignations of the Grand Prairie Independent School District superintendent and a principal following an investigation into students caught on video using the n-word inside a classroom. A few weeks ago, a video posted on social media showed […]

HBCU Offers Former Florida QB Commit Scholarship After N-Word Scandal

college football

*Marcus Stokes posted a two-second clip in November showing him reciting song lyrics that contained the N-word. The backlash was immediate, prompting the University of Florida to revoke its scholarship offer from the quarterback recruit. Now Stokes, who is white, has received an offer from the HBCU program at Albany State, CBS News reports.  Stokes committed […]

Top QB Loses Scholarship to University of Florida After Rapping N-Word

*The Florida Gators have pulled a scholarship offer to one of the top high school quarterbacks in the country after he posted a video on social media of himself rapping the N-word. Marcus Stokes, who is white, posted the two-second clip last week in which he appears to be singing “Welcome back, n***a.” The backlash […]

Instagram Model Loses Lucrative Deal Over N-Word Instagram Post

influencer Ebonee Davis

*Instagram model Ebonee Davis has reportedly lost out on a 5-figure brand deal after posting a sexy pic of her derriere and captioned it with the N-word. The post in question shows Davis wearing Theophilio SS22 and along with the caption, “My nigga took these”. It’s unclear what brand dropped the influencer but as noted […]

Cincinnati Cop Rose Valentino Caught On Camera Saying ‘I Hate Ni**ers | Watch

racist cop

*A Cincinnati police officer was caught on police body-cam using a racial slur against a Black teen. Officer Rose Valentino of the Cincinnati Police Department was caught using the N-word and punching her squad car’s steering wheel on video on April 5, NBC News reported.  “F—ing [n-word], I f—ing hate them!” Valentino said in the […]

The Weather Channel Apologies for Racial Slur During Broadcast

*The Weather Channel has apologized after an Iowa weather station aired an offensive racial slur during one of its forecast graphics last Thursday.  “Hello Des Moines, This is your weather my N******,” read a graphic displayed on the Des Moines-based Weather Channel’s “Local on the 8s” segment. The incident went viral after it was flagged […]

Mike Tyson Debates Usage of N-Word with Kenan Thompson – It Gets Raw | WATCH

Mike Tyson - Kenan Thompson

*Back in May, Mike Tyson and Kenan Thompson got into a heated debate about using the N-word during an episode of the boxer’s podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.  Thompson’s stance is that the racial slur does more harm than good, but Tyson disagrees, as reported by The Jasmine Brand.  “I’m so happy no one called […]

Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1966 Letter About the ‘N-Word’ Up for Auction

A letter written by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966, in which he talks about the N-word and the term “dark-skinned American,” is up for auction.  According to reports, MLK wrote the letter on January 18, 1966, to a man named William A. Bennett. The letter shows that Dr. King embraced the term “dark-skinned” […]

GOP Official Refuses to Resign After Calling for ‘Lynching’ of ‘Vile’ Democrats


*A Republican official in Virginia refuses to resign after his racist social media posts surfaced.  The Republican Party of Hampton, Virginia is calling on Hampton Electoral Board Chair David Dietrich to resign after his Facebook post surfaced in which he used the N-word and suggested “lynching” several “vile and racist” Democratic leaders in Washington, D.C., […]