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Matt Barnes Slams Derek Fisher for ‘Telling Cops’ About Fight

*The war between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher continues as Barnes puts the New York Knicks coach on blast for informing the police about their infamous fight during the first weekend of training camp. The New York Post reports that despite the issue staring to die down and fall under the public radar, Barnes brought […]

Derek Fisher Addresses Alleged Fight With Matt Barnes

*While the public gets wrapped up in the drama surrounding Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher, it’s business as usual for Fisher, who remains focused on his job. According to ESPN, the New York Knicks coach, who flew to California Saturday afternoon to see his children and missed practice on Monday because of travel issues, took […]

Matt Barnes: I Was Checking On My Kids, Not Confronting Derek Fisher

*Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes has come forward to address reports that he drove 95 miles to his ex-wife Gloria Govan’s house to confront her new man, New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher. In an interview with ESPN Thursday, Barnes said he went to his ex-wife’s home to check on his 6-year-old twin sons, not […]

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher Reportedly Brawl Over Gloria Govan

*What a man won’t do for his woman. Or rather, ex-woman, if you’re Matt Barnes. According to the NY Post, Barnes got word about his estranged ex-wife Gloria Govan dating New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher and was not at all happy. So much so that Barnes decided to have a nice long drive (95 […]

Matt Barnes Still Swears He Had Something With Rihanna: ‘I’m Too Grown to Lie’

*Matt Barnes is still insinuating that he went “past the crush stage” with Rihanna over the summer, despite her epic Instagram retort, basically saying they’ve never even met. TMZ caught up with the NBA star today, and he continues to stand by his initial claim. “I’m too grown to lie,” he told the cameraperson. Watch […]

Rihanna’s All-Hashtag Takedown of Matt Barnes: #TheDevilisaLiar (Video)

*You don’t hem and haw about dating Rihanna if you’re not dating Rihanna. Either you are, or you aren’t. Rihanna has made it crystal clear that NBA star Matt Barns is most definitely not. When the new Memphis Grizzlies player was asked by a TMZ cameraman to confirm or deny the dating rumors, Barnes gave […]

Matt Barnes Estranged Wife Gloria Govan: ‘His (NBA) Fines Affect Me’

*Gloria Govan, estranged wife of Matt Barnes, recently expressed her displeasure about him being fined $50,000 for making disrespectful comments to James Harden’s mother, Monja Willis, a few weeks ago. Barnes was accused of telling Willis, “Suck my d—k b—h” during Game 2 of the Rockets vs. Clippers playoff series. Barnes assumed he was “probably going to […]

Matt Barnes Calls Colin Kaepernick ‘a Hoe’ on Twitter

*Los Angeles Clippers star Matt Barnes came out Friday as a proud Colin Kaepernick hater. The small forward took to Twitter to congratulate Sacramento native and Oregon defensive tackle, Arik Armstead on being drafted to the San Francisco 49ers…and used the opportunity to shade the team’s quarterback. “Congrats to my young boy #ErikArmstead proud of […]

Gloria Govan Talks Matt Barnes Breakup; He Blasts Her Mothering Skills on Twitter

*Former “Basketball Wives” star Gloria Govan and sister Laura teamed up to talk about being single mothers during a photo shoot, according to YBF. But Gloria’s former’s ex, Matt Barnes, took to Twitter to express his distaste with her mothering skills. Barnes blasted Gloria for being too fame thirsty and walking red carpets over motherhood.