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Feds Pump Over $6 Billion in Two New California High-Speed Rail Projects | VIDEO

LA to Vegas High Speed Train - rendering

*The Biden administration announced $6 billion in funding for two separate high-speed rail projects that will whisk passengers from Southern to Northern California — and from Los Angeles County to Las Vegas — on electric trains traveling 200 mph or faster. The funding is part of a broader $8.2 billion national investment in high-speed rail […]

Smarter Policy Can End Poverty Nightmare in California | VIDEO

Homeless and Hungry (poverty) - screenshot

*A group of progressive California lawmakers – including three members of the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) — has pledged to end poverty in California by advancing more effective policy during the next legislative session – and beyond. Newly appointed Assembly Majority Leader Isaac Bryan (D-Los Angeles) announced the formation of the End Poverty in […]