Thursday, October 6, 2022

Irv Gotti Says He and Fat Joe No Longer Friends After Rapper Criticized His Ashanti Comments

Irv Gotti and Fat Joe
Fat Joe and Irv Gotti (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage for Vibe Magazine)

*Days after Fat Joe called out Irv Gotti for disparaging Ashanti, the hip-hop mogul now claims he and the rapper are no longer friends.

“I feel like [Fat Joe] fooled me. He’s not my friend. I was fooled, but in life you get fooled,” Irv told the hosts of Houston’s 97.9 The Box, Complex reports.

His comments come after Fat Joe called Gotti a “sucker” over Irv’s comments about his relationship with Ashanti, whom Gotti dated 20 years ago.

“Irv Gotti a sucker man,” Fat Joe said in a clip shared on social media. “And so my thing is, first is first, however long ago was that? How many millions ago was the Verzuz? That’s what I want to know.”

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Irv Gotti
Irv Gotti / Getty

We reported previously that Gotti opened up about his heartache over Ashanti and Nelly dating back in the day. In a recent interview with Drink Champs, Gotti recalled the moment he found out that Ashanti had gone public with rapper Nelly.

“I could get past you wanting to be with Nelly … At the time it happens, any man is hurt, the chick you f-cking are in love with, is with this n-gga.”

“Yo Irv stop. You’re a producer,” Fat Joe said in response to Irv’s candid interview. 

“Whatever Irv has with Ashanti is 20 years old,” he added. “I know he was making some points that mean a lot to him, his heart and soul, but when you keep ranting about somebody 20 years later, it feels like he’s not over the young lady.”

Speaking on The Box, Gotti responded to Joe’s remarks, saying: “Forget Joe ’cause they don’t want me to talk about Joe, So I won’t talk about Joe, I’ll talk about life. And In life, everyone goes through friends. People who you thought were your friends—I’m not talking about Joe. Let me talk. In life, I’ve had countless friends come and go, but, you know what remains consistent and why I get through all of this? My family, ’cause I don’t really need friends … I’m more than content going home and spending time with my mom. Like, I’m a weird dude like that.”

He added, “People may be jealous of you, on the low,” Gotti continued. “I just signed a deal for $300 million. I know certain people who are friends—so-called friends—they may be mad at that … And that’s cool. We don’t need to be friends anymore. I don’t need any new friends or old friends who pretended to be my friend. They revealed themselves.”


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