Monday, September 26, 2022

Sean Penn Blames ‘Cowardly Genes’ for Men Wearing Skirts

Sean Penn (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)

*Sean Penn appears to not be too fond of men wearing dresses. 

“There has been an absence of male behavior,” Penn, 61, said in an interview with British outlet iNews. “I don’t think that being a brute or having insensitivity or disrespect for women [has] anything to do with masculinity, or ever did. But I don’t think that [in order] to be fair to women, we should become them.”

Speaking to the Independent about the same topic, Penn blamed “feminization” for men with “cowardly genes.”

“I think that men have, in my view, become quite feminized,” he explained. “I have these very strong women in my life who do not take masculinity as a sign of oppression toward them. There are a lot of, I think, cowardly genes that lead to people surrendering their jeans and putting on a skirt.”

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As expected, social media users were quick to slam the actor for his “homophobic” rhetoric. 

One Twitter user responded to Penn’s comments with, “I feel sorry for Sean Penn. He won an Oscar for playing one of the most iconic queer leaders in American history, and yet, even the preparation he did for that role failed to liberate him from the prison of his own gendered insecurity. Being Sean Penn is punishment in itself.”

Another wrote, “Sean Penn, who won an Oscar for playing a gay civil rights icon, is out there being homophobic. When LGBTQ+ people express reluctance to straight actors playing queer roles, this is exactly the kind of shit we’re talking about.”

Another person chose violence, adding, “Does Sean Penn need to get his ass kicked by a guy in a skirt? It sounds like Sean Penn needs to get his ass kicked by a guy in a skirt.”

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Penn’s remarks come after former NBAer Kwame Brown called out Dwyane Wade over his parenting skills.

Brown’s latest rant regards Wade’s transgender child Zaya Wade, for wearing a dress with Kobe Bryant’s jersey attached — see below.

Zaya posted a photo on Instagram showing the child wearing a Kobe jersey dress to honor the 2-year anniversary of Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles in January 2020.


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A post shared by Zaya Wade (@zayawade)

“Kobe Bryant’s children are not honoring him by wearing a dress,” Brown said on his “Bust Life” YouTube show on Thursday. “Kobe Bryant’s wife is not honoring him by wearing a dress. I don’t think nobody else is honoring Kobe by wearing a dress. Kobe Bryant was a masculine man.”

Brown noted that Zaya’s dress was not representative of what Bryant embodied.

“Since a teenager, he was saying ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,’” Brown continued. “That’s some of the personal conversations that me and Kobe had, through Christ he believed he could do anything. Now how does that tie in with a teenage kid, who feels like he’s a woman now, putting this man’s jersey into a f****** dress?”

Brown blames Wade’s parenting style for Zaya’s “disrespectful” tribute, saying that “I don’t think Dwyane Wade levels up as a man anymore.”

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