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Method Man is Holding Down ESSENCE’s Feb Digital Cover | WATCH

Method Man - Essence Feb Digital Cover
Method Man

*Power Book II: Ghost star Method Man is featured on’s February digital cover issue! In the cover story, The Man Means Business, the iconic rapper turned actor talks about his legendary thirty years in the industry, being taken seriously, his successful transition to acting and more:

  • On Believing in Himself: “Understand, I was a Black boy living in some of the worst areas in New York. I’ve always felt like I wasn’t enough. I’ve been told that from the gate, ‘You don’t belong here.’ Sometimes even without words…”
  • On Making His Transition From Rapper to Actor: “The higher-ups, the so-called gatekeepers didn’t have much use for a 44-year-old rapper…I guess my background turned some people off. Some people aren’t willing to give you a chance, especially when you’ve already had one and you kind of squandered it…There was a changing of the guard in hip-hop. I was cool with that. I had to evolve with the business and if that meant acting, so be it. I was going to throw all my eggs in one basket…”
  • On Being a Sex Symbol…and Being Taken Seriously: “I don’t understand that sh–. I go to the gym for my own peace of mind. I don’t do it to become someone’s sex symbol or a pinup on someone’s wall. I do it for me…People like attention. I’m the same as everybody else. But at the end of the day, take me seriously, not lightly…”

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For more on the latest digital issue, visit Below are the peeps responsible for the cover shoot, if you’re keeping track.

Photographer, Flo Ngala @flongala
Writer, Veronica Wells @VDubShrug
Stylist, Alexander-Julian Gibbson – @alexanderjulian
Groomer, Tara Lauren for Dior Beauty @taralauren.
Barber, Darien Hilliard @darien26 for Elisa Valentina Agency @elisavalentinaagency
Producer, Wendy Correa @Wendy_c_photo
Videographer, Jean London Dia @jeanlondondia
Editor, Amir Muhammad
Location: The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel @thebeekmanny
source: Sheila Harris – ESSENCE




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