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O’Shea Jackson Jr. Has a New Boo & TV Show + Dishes on Pops Ice Cube & Workin’ with 50 | WATCH

*O’Shea Jackson Jr. who stars in the hilarious new TV Show “The Now”  has a new boo and he spills the good news tea with Radio and TV personality Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers, host of Spotlight. Check the full interview out below.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. was most recently linked to actress Danielle Nieto and Jackie Garcia, the mother of his baby girl.  He says his new boo is his good friend.

“I got my lady, Jade.  We been talkin’ for just about a year.  She works in film.  She works in costumes. The scheduling, because we both are on set,  is a little off but that’s my road dog.  We made sure we were friends before anything.  I got her back and she got mine.”

And he’s got a new TV show “The Now” streaming free on the Roku channel

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“It’s a dark comedy.  It’s me, my man Dave Franco and Jimmy Tatro.  Dave plays Ed Poole whose having a tough time in life and he reaches a boiling point and has suicidal thoughts.  Through the show, we kinda help our friend find himself but before we can get to him he finds this book that aids him in his new life path of living in the now.  It’s got some wild antics and is a fun ride for everyone while at the same time talking about a serious topic like mental health and showing  people who are going through something like that a way out and a way back to themselves.”

Darryl Hannah, Pete Davidson, Alyssa Milano and Bill Murray are some of the stars who you’ll see in the show. As for the three co-stars, “We have a great dynamic,” O’Shea says. “The three of us are really good friends. When you do a comedy you need that chemistry those dudes are really my friends.”

O’Shea starred as his pops in the mega-hit film “Straight Outta Compton” and rocked it in “Den of Thieves” with 50 Cent, “Longshot,” and “Swagger.”  He also dropped some hip hop under the moniker OMG.  Now he says he wants to move into writing.

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“I went to USC (University of Southern California) for screenwriting.  That was my first love. In the middle of my second year was when ‘Straight Outta Compton’ happened but I really want to get back into creating these words that actors get to play and people get to watch. I want some producing credits so I can make money, and stay home.  I wanna kick back and be a dad for a little bit. Being an actor keeps you away so long,” he shares.

Before he starts the writing though he’d love to work with 50 Cent again:

“50 is a wild dude, but he is, of course, a businessman, an utmost professional.  Off-camera he got jokes.  We’ve been out a couple of times.   50’s a good dude and definitely someone I wanna work with again. Shout out to Uncle Curtis.”

Shea jokes he’s waiting for a call to be a part of 50’s Power franchises.

“I wish I was in sumpthin’ like that  I can’t believe 50 don’t pick up the phone.  It’s crazy. Come on Uncle Curtis I see you producing out here.  Hit ur boy up let’s get it back on.”

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Most folks would say Shea had a charmed life growing up as the son of a rich famous rapper and businessman (Ice Cube) but he reveals to EURweb Spotlight that,  “It’s got its positives and its negatives.  It’s a gift and a curse.  As a kid, you learn a little earlier than most kids to watch who you call a friend.  People want to associate themselves with you because of your status or whatnot so it teaches you a little earlier than most people might want to watch your back, watch who you call ‘friend’ and to know that your circle might be tighter than you want it to be.  But it’s got its positives. I’m not going to act like I don’t like going to Hawaii or going to the Lakers games whenever I want.  It was a blessing but it teaches you early to be smart about your moves and how to handle yourself.”

As for women, how does he tell if they’re clout chasing, gold-digging or really into him?

“They might not be in front of a camera but everybody’s an actor.  Everybody can put on the right mask to get what they want. I have to know what I don’t like about you before we can be something.  You gotta know what you don’t like about a person and accept it before you can move on.  In my honest opinion, you need at least a year of talkin’ with somebody before you really know who they are and what they’re about. So take yall time out there. Take your time and don’t rush into nuthin watch yourself cuz they watchin’ you.”

Which is just what he says he did with new girlfriend Jade.

“You gotta find you a girl who knows how to chill. Who knows how to kick it at the house. Who knows how to not just go out, who knows how to just hang out ‘cuz if you’re not friends with the person you’re with,  you’re not gonna work out. Fellas you gotta watch yourself. Know yourself first before you give yourself to anybody.  You ain’t gotta look for love, love will look for you,”

What’s he hate in a chick?

“I don’t like the whole throwing yourself (at me) especially when I’m tryna work like just constantly when the motives are so obvious. You gotta go.  I’m sorry but you messin’ with the vibe.”

Right now O’Shea is chillin’ with his new girl and says he learned a lot about relationships from mom Kim and dad Ice Cube, who’ve been married over 25 years.

“Everything I been speakin’ on is because I watched them.  They’re friends, friends that just happened to find each other.  They’re a dynamic duo.  If you got one of them mad at you you might survive but if you got both of them on you, you might as well get your affairs in order,” he laughs.

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Shea shares that Ice Cube is a  great father and the two are maad close besides looking just alike.

“He was strict but fair like a father should be.  The way that they both raised me is to be respectful and have respect for yourself and only disrespect if you get disrespected,  a simple concept.  My dad is a chill dad,  a cool dad he eats cereal at night tells you to take the trash out.  Just a regular dad.  He’s the best coach I ever had.”

He’s funny too Shea recalls, “One time he couldn’t find this remote for the Christmas tree – we had an automatic Christmas tree. He couldn’t find the remote so he threw away the whole tree.  He’s like it can’t turn on so we may as well get rid of it.  Just pick it up and throw it in the dumpster.”

O’Shea is a serious gamer and says of all the games in existence, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is the GOAT.

Congratulations to O’Shea Jackson on the show and his new boo. We’re looking forward to checking out his screenplays.  For the full conversation check out the video/interview above and please subscribe to the  Jazmyn Summers Youtube channel.

Jazmyn Summers
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