Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Ohio Man Holding Baby Shoots at Three Women During Road Rage Crash

*An Ohio man was captured on camera holding a baby and a gun during a road rage shooting in Cincinnati last Wednesday. 

According to the Cincinnati Police Department, Ladon Penn, 31, fired shots at three women during the bizarre scene. As reported by the Kansas City Star, the shooting occurred after two women crashed their vehicles. A 54-year-old woman and another driver were involved in a minor collision that didn’t cause any damage.  

The two women reportedly exchanged words afterward, according to police.

“I’m gonna go get my man,” the 54-year-old recalled the other woman telling her, police said. “You better go get yours.”

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Penn arrived at the scene about half an hour later and walked into a home before emerging with a gun and holding a baby.

He reportedly shot at the 54-year-old and her two female companions. The woman was grazed in the forearm and treated for the minor gunshot wound at the scene.

Penn was arrested after he fled the shooting and was charged with felonious assault, child endangering and having weapons while under disability, according to the report.

He is currently jailed on bonds totaling $150,000.

Ny MaGee
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