Friday, November 26, 2021

Arclight Cinemas to Close Permanently Due to COVID Pandemic: ‘Not the Outcome Anyone Wanted’

*ArcLight Cinemas, one of Hollywood’s most popular movie theater chains, is set to close permanently after being hit hard by the COVID pandemic.

The ArcLight locations in Hollywood and elsewhere, including the Chicago area, are operated by Pacific Theatres, which released a statement that was posted on their respective websites. 

“After shutting our doors more than a year ago, today we must share the difficult and sad news that Pacific will not be reopening its ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres locations,”  the statement began. “This was not the outcome anyone wanted, but despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options, the company does not have a viable way forward.”

The statement continued, “To all the Pacific and ArcLight employees who have devoted their professional lives to making our theaters the very best places in the world to see movies: we are grateful for your service and your dedication to our customers.”

“To our guests and members of the film industry who have made going to the movies such a magical experience over the years: our deepest thanks.  It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve you,” the statement concluded.

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Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres have been closed since the start of the pandemic. Here’s more from THR:

ArcLight’s stable includes the prized Cinerama Dome Hollywood. The Dome, built in 1963 by Pacific Theatres’ parent company the Decurion Corp., is the crown jewel of the small theater complex that was later reconstructed in the early 2000s. Throughout the decades, the Dome, in particular, has been a favorite site place to stage premieres — it timed its opening to the global launch of It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World — and is beloved among many cinephiles. In recent years, the ArcLight Hollywood complex has been a bastion for both first-run movies and independent titles and was among the first L.A. cinemas to offer high-end food.

Hollywood is already weighing in on news of Arclight’s closure. 

Director Gina Price-Bythewood tweeted, “This is so painful. The ArcLight is my go-to. Clean, great sound, assigned stadium seating, great popcorn, usher movie introductions. A true movie-going experience.”

Actor Rian Johnson also tweeted, “Well this sucks. Every single person who worked at the ArcLight loved movies, and you felt it. Sending love to every usher, manager and projectionist who rocked that blue shirt and made it such a special place.”

Matt Oswald tweeted, “Tarantino saved the New Beverly, hopefully someone can step up and save the Arclight. Would hate to see this beautiful theater where I once stood next to Elliot Gould at a urinal gutted and turned into condos.”

Empire co-executive producer Eric Haywood said, “Oh man we also had the Empire premiere at the ArcLight Hollywood back in 2015. I forgot how much of my own history is connected to that place.” 

“Parks and Recreation” actor Ben Schwartz wrote, “The Arclight Hollywood was my most favorite theatre in the world to see movies. My home court of cinema in LA.” 

He added, “I saw my first movie in LA there when I moved here in 2009 and the last movie before the pandemic there. Truly a bum

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