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Veteran Actress Margaret Avery Talks Longevity, Sustainability and Remembers Cicely Tyson / WATCH

*Appearing on “Laugh-In” (1967), “Which Way Is Up?” (1977), “The Color Purple” (1985), “Heatwave” (1990), “Being Mary Jane” (2013) and other productions, Margaret Avery‘s incredible career spans over 50 years!

This is not only a testament to her hard work and talent; but is also a sign of her perseverance and work-ethic. Find out how the industry has changed over time and what EVERY aspiring actor needs to know to establish their career.

EUR correspondent Tifarah Dixon sits down with Avery as she talks career choices, fond memories on set and Cicely Tyson. Avery also offers priceless tips for aspiring actors in the full interview above.

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Margaret Avery
Margaret Avery

MARGARET AVERY as Helen Patterson in BET’s Being Mary Jane.

Q: Is there a role that you haven’t played yet that you’d really like to play?

MA: You know what? I’m ALWAYS ‘the nice one’ and ‘nice’ is tired because you don’t have any conflict! I want to play someone where people will just hate me. Maybe a CEO who just works everybody to death. Either that or something with Shakespeare because it gives a nice workout.

Q: You worked on “Heatwave” as Roxie Turpin alongside Ms. Cicely Tyson. Can you share a fond memory of being on set with her?

MA: Well, I didn’t have any scenes with her but those producers and directors treated her like she was ‘Ms. It’. Ms. Tyson would get whatever Ms. Tyson wanted and I looked at that and said, “ooh I like that!” But she was very gracious and royal and I miss her.

Q: You recently posted about the passing of Former President Obama’s grandmother, Mama Sarah. What was it like meeting her?

MA: Two girlfriends and I did a tour of Africa and when we were in Johannesburg our driver knew of Mama Sarah so we took a flight to her village. She was so sweet! She talked about President Obama as a little boy and we sat under the Mango Tree that President Obama wrote about in one of his books. Sometimes you don’t realize how precious a present is until it’s gone.

Margaret Avery and Mama Sarah
Margaret Avery and Mama Sarah

(L-r) MARGARET AVERY and former President Barack Obama’s grandmother, MAMA SARAH.

To keep up with Ms. Margaret Avery’s journey, follow her on Instagram @margaretshugavery and on Twitter at @MARGARETAVERY85!




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