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Dr. Dre’s Father Says He Has ‘No Relationship’ with Superstar Son

Dr. Dre

*Dr. Dre’s personal drama with his estranged wife Nicole Young has taken a toll on the 55-year-old rapper/producer, according to insiders. 

We previously reported, Dre is currently home after being hospitalized following a brain aneurysm. Young, meanwhile, has detailed the physical abuse she allegedly suffered during their marriage in a legal filing submitted to Los Angeles County Superior Court on Dec. 29. In the docs, she claims Dre held a gun to her head twice. 

Young filed for divorce last summer after 24 years of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences.” They have since been hashing out the financial terms of their separation. Most recently, Dre agreed to pay Nicole $2 million in spousal support to “pay for living expenses for the next few months.”

Dre insiders claim he paid Young to keep her happy until they go to court again in April. Dre reportedly signed the agreement from his Los Angeles hospital bed earlier this month. 

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Dr. Dre

As reported by Page Six, Young filed the new court documents about the alleged abuse after Dre stated in divorce declarations that “at no time did I abuse Nicole or threaten her physical safety” during their marriage.

“It is misleading, revolting and insulting for Andre to suggest that I have not been abused because, as a victim of relentless abuse and isolation, I did not create and maintain a contemporaneous record of the abuse inflicted on me,” Young said. “It is well known and accepted that most victims of domestic violence do not have documentary evidence of their abuse.”

Amid the messy divorce battle over Dr. Dre’s estimated $800 million fortune, one of his daughters, LaTanya Young, went public to say she hasn’t seen her father in 17 years

Meanwhile, Dre’s father, Theodore Young, said his superstar son doesn’t give a damn about him.

“I haven’t seen Andre since his grandfather died and I can’t even remember when that was,” the 73-year-old told The Post. “We have no relationship. My other sons love me. They tell me they love me. But coming from where I come from, most young men like Andre who have a big success don’t give a damn about their dad.”

Theodore and the rapper’s mom (Verna) split after Dre’s birth. Verna has accused Theodore of abuse, which he denies. 

“His grandmother raised him,” Young told The Post. “His mother and grandmother sprinkled a whole lot of salt on me.” 

In 2015, Dr publicly apologized “to the women I’ve hurt,” specifically journalist Dee Barnes, his ex-fiancée Michel’le, and singer Tairrie B.

“He is a violent abuser of women who has never actually addressed his misogyny or past brutal attacks with any true remorse for his actions,” Tairrie B told The New York Post.

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