Saturday, July 2, 2022

Breonna Taylor Was Alive for ‘Six Minutes’ After Shooting, Family Says

breonna taylor, kenneth walker
Breonna Taylor with boyfriend Kenneth Walker (Photo via GoFundMe)

*New court docs have revealed even more disturbing details about the death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT that was killed by police during a botched, no-knock drug raid on her Louisville, Kentucky apartment. 

As noted by the New York Times, Taylor was alive for six minutes after being shot multiple times and she was not offered any medical attention, according to a 31-page complaint filed by her family. 

“In the six minutes that elapsed from the time Breonna was shot, to the time she died, we have no evidence suggesting that any officer made entry in an attempt to check and assist her,” the family’s lawyer Sam Aguiar told the Times. “She suffered.”

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The complaint also asserts that the raid was linked to plans to gentrify Taylor’s neighborhood. Lawyers say police would “target” homes on Elliott Ave, where her ex lived, to make way for a real estate project. A warrant was issued for her home to implicate him.

“The reality was that the occupants were not anywhere close to Louisville’s versions of Pablo Escobar or Scarface,” the suit says. “And they were not violent criminals. They were simply a setback to a large real estate development deal and thus the issue needed to be cleaned up.” 

“Breonna’s home should never have had police there in the first place,” the filing reads, according to the Courier-Journal.

“When the layers are peeled back, the origin of Breonna’s home being raided by police starts with a political need to clear out a street for a large real estate development project and finishes with a newly formed, rogue police unit violating all levels of policy, protocol and policing standards,” the suit continues. “Breonna’s death was the culmination of radical political and police conduct.”

“People needed to be removed and homes needed to be vacated so that a high-dollar, legacy-creating real estate development could move forward,” the court filing said.

City officials call the allegations “outrageous” and “without foundation,” said Jean Porter, a spokeswoman for Mayor Fischer.

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