Friday, August 12, 2022

Singer Sammie Talks Finally Being Added to Millennium Tour 2020

*Last time Sammie spoke with EURweb he expressed he felt it was disrespectful not to get a call for the 2019 Millennium Tour, at the same time speaking up about Bow Wow not being apart of the tour as well.

Well, within a year, things have changed. With Omarion being unbothered in the midst of his baby mama and bandmate (Lil Fizz) becoming an item, the singer decided to leave the band behind by doing a new Millennium Tour with Bow Wow and Sammie being added to the line-up.

EURweb correspondent Monique Loveless caught up with Sammie to follow up on how he went about getting added to the line-up, his new candle line, and the B2K drama.

EUR: Walk me through when you got the call to join the Millennium Tour this year and how it came about.

Sammie: I think I just earned my stripes. I think the narrative had to do with my Everlasting project being released. Also, a lot of fans spoke up for me and I just spoke my truth. It was never from a malicious stand-point. I just know I was the first child star from my generation, so I felt it should’ve at least been a conversation but I didn’t cry about it I just did the work to get noticed.

Someone from the company that put together the millennium tour reached out to me in the DM’s and I put them in contact with my manager. Some months went by and they made an offer and I’m just humble, grateful and elated to be apart of such a legacy as I just want to leave my mark in a positive way.


EUR: What are your thoughts on this time around about the Tour not being the whole band B2K?

Sammie: I have tunnel vision. Whatever they’re going through that has nothing to do with me. I understand there’s some friction between the group members so it makes sense to me. But Omarion has (been) prosperous and great on his own as he had the Face-Off project in the past with Bow Wow so I feel the stars are aligning for everybody. The line up is immaculate and everyone has played such a pivotal part.

EUR: Talk a little bit about the candle line you will be doing?

Sammie: We’ll see where it goes but this year is all about diversifying myself outside of music. I will always of course record music, tour and perform because that’s who I am first. But I’ve always wanted to diversify so 2020 is the time to do that and I am a candle man myself.

Millennium Tour 2020 takes off on February 29 in Louisville and ends on May 10 in LA, so Make sure you go cop those tickets immediately.





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