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Kel Mitchell’s Ex-Wife Denies Getting Pregnant by Multiple Men and Having Abortions

Kel Mitchell - Gettyimages

*Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, responded to his wild allegations that she repeatedly cheated on him during their marriage, became pregnant by other men, and had several abortions. This is the same ex who claims she once busted Kel and Nick Cannon engaged in some sexual role-playing freak session in their family home. Cannon, according […]

Claims Ex-Wife, Tyisha Hampton, Was Impregnated By Multiple Men During Their Marriage: Kel Mitchell Opens Up About Painful Marriage and Infidelity Issues on ‘Club Shay Shay’ | WATCH

Kel Mitchell - Club Shay Shay screenshot

And the da drama continues. In a candid and emotional interview on “Club Shay Shay,” actor Kel Mitchell shared intimate details of his tumultuous marriage and rise to fame with host Shannon Sharpe. Mitchell opened up about the profound personal struggles he faced behind the scenes. The actor recounted how his then-wife Tyisha Hampton became […]

Drama! Kel Mitchell’s Ex-wife (Tyisha Hampton) Implies He Abused Her

Kel Mitchell - Gettyimages

*The drama between Kel Mitchell and his ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, continues. Tyisha Hampton is claiming that her ex, former Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell, has filed a falsified domestic suit against her in hopes of not having to pay the alleged large sum of money he owes in unpaid child support and tax debt. The actress […]

Ex-Wife of Kel Mitchell Puts Him on Blast, Claims He Owes Her $1.2M

Kel Mitchell, Tyisha Hampton via Twitter

*The ex-wife of actor Kel Mitchell claims he owes her $1.2 million in unpaid child support, spousal support, and tax debt.  In a series of posts made on her social media, actress Tyisha Hampton used the hashtag #PayYourExKel to detail her grievances, and she will continue to put Mitchell on blast until the pays up, […]