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The Pulse of Entertainment: Blackground Records 2.0’s Final Draft Releases ‘Roses’

Final Draft - Depositphotos

*“It’s called ‘Roses.” Play it stream it,” said Divine, one of the three members of the R&B group Final Draft (Divine, Lucky, and Voice), about their new single titled “Roses” (Blackground 2.0) that released February 9, 2024. Member Lucky starts to sing the “Roses” single. Final Draft went viral with their performances of hit songs. […]

The Pulse of Entertainment: ‘Why Not’ Video of AngelicVoices Debut at #3 on 4M.TV World Chart | WATCH

Scene from AngelicVoicesMusic video Why Not

*“They follow me on Instagram,” said Hip-Hop artist/keyboardist Angelic, also known as AngelicVoices and AngelicVoicesMusic, about his newest music video “Why Not“ (AngelicVoicesMinistry/Symphonic) appearing on 4M.TV’s Music Block World’s Top 10 Best Artist Chart. “I learned we charted above Ne-Yo from Asim. He said how the video was #3 beating Ne-Yo’s ‘Linked Up Remix’ featuring […]