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Gap Band Family Feud! Ronnie Wilson Sues Charlie Wilson

*Dang, we really hate to see this. It’s messy and it’s just not a good look. What’s happening is that brothers Charlie Wilson and Ronnie Wilson are battling it out over exactly WHO is The Gap Band. Or more precisely, who can make money off the name. The situation has gotten to the point that Ronnie […]

‘Uptown Funk’ Royalties Split in Many Ways: Gap Band to Get Paid

*Is the verdict from the “Blurred Lines” case having an affect on royalties from the hit Mark Ronson song “Uptown Funk!?” This looks to be the case as more people stand to benefit from the tune, which credits Ronson, Bruno Mars, Phillip Martin Lawrence and Jeffrey Bhasker as songwriters. According to Billboard, “All Gold Everything” […]