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The 2024 Living Legends Foundation Black Music Month Series: The Long Tail of Podcasting

Ken Johnson / via The Living Legends

*Since the dawn of the podcast era, my love for this medium has only grown. My journey began with “Political Gabfest,” hosted by David Plotz, Emily Bazelon, and John Dickerson. Their deep, uninterrupted discussions on politics captivated me. They presented balanced views and fact-based arguments, fostering an informed and engaging dialogue that hooked me instantly. […]

Lenny Green Reigns on ‘Quiet Storm’ Radio I LISTEN-to-Podcast

Lenny Green

*This episode of Underground Magnolia Podcast features Lenny Green, the host of the popular syndicated radio show, “The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green.” Listen on major podcast platforms to hear Lenny discuss the following: Meaning of “Quiet Storm” Artists he spins during show Genre being more than just celebrating romantic love Recognizing “Quiet Storm” radio […]

The Inaugural Jazz Music Awards Announces its 2022 Nominees and Honorees

Jazz Music Awards

*The global awards ceremony to exclusively celebrate Jazz music, The Jazz Music Awards: Celebrating the Spirit of Jazz, and its creator and executive producer, Wendy F. Williams today announce the recipients of six honorary awards and the nominees in eight competitive award categories. These special honors, as well as the thirty-three nominees, recognize individuals who […]

‘Auto Trends’ Airs 4th Annual Virtual Auto Show Radio Preview: 2022 And Beyond (Two Shows)

*Auto Trends with, a syndicated multicultural automotive program, kicks off its fourth annual virtual new car radio preview with two of the Motor City’s, which is also known as Detroit, trusted automotive gurus. Stephanie Brinley, a principal auto analyst, and Richard Truett, a seasoned automotive news reporter, will guide the two shows while sharing their […]

Cox Automotive’s Kayla Reynolds Talks About The State of the Auto Industry On SiriusXM’s ‘Auto Trends’

*Kayla Reynolds, Cox Automotive’s manager of economics and industry intelligence, joins Auto Trends with to discuss the current state of the automotive industry. During an in-depth conversation, Reynolds focuses on the key indicators that are literally ‘driving’ the economy and causing new car prices to rise upwards of $3,000, since 2019. Moreover, for cash strapped […]

97 Rock DJ Fired Over Racist Comments Comparing Toast to Black Women’s Skin Tones

*A 97 Rock DJ and two other employees were suspended following racist comments about Black women made on-air Wednesday morning. The comments came from Rob Lederman after he compared the darkness of toast that he prefers to Black women’s skin tones. The hosts discussed the complexion of Serena Williams, Halle Berry, and Gayle King, with […]

SiriusXM’s ‘Auto Trends’ Talks to the Founder of the First Black-Centric Car Magazine

*After kicking off Black History Month honoring Carol H. Williams, the advertising goddess behind one of the most successful deodorant taglines in history, Auto Trends with continues its celebration over the next two Saturdays, talking to Randi Payton. Payton, who has been one of the leading automotive media advocates to help drive diversity in […]

‘Radio Karen’: NH Host Fired after Livestreaming Her Own Racist Rant (Watch)

*A New Hampshire radio host has been fired after going on a racist tirade and livestreaming it on social media. Dianna Ploss, the former host at WSMN, broadcast herself verbally attacking a Latino landscaping crew on Main Street in Nashua, and a Black man who attempted to intervene. “It is America, you should be speaking […]

Black Radio Exclusive’s Sidney Miller is a ‘Living Legend’ and Won’t Rest Until Black Music is Back on Top

*Sidney Miller, a former music promotion executive turned publisher of the seminal “Black Radio Exclusive” magazine, is set to be honored by the Living Legends Foundation with the “A.D. Washington Chairman’s Award” at the organization’s annual awards and dinner event on October 4, 2019 in Hollywood, CA. The prestigious non-profit, founded in 1991, recognizes pioneers […]

Is it A Wrap for Black Radio?

*Are you a music listener without a radio in your car?  Are you checking out Pandora and Spotify for all your jams?  If the answer is yes, then you might be one of the reasons some folks are saying radio – especially Black Radio – should be writing its eulogy and if you want a […]