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Jay Z Narrates NY Times Op-Ed Video Criticizing U.S. War on Drugs (Watch)

*The New York Times enlisted Jay Z and writer-illustrator Molly Crabapple to create a video op-ed piece that condemns the nation’s longstanding and largely ineffective War on Drugs. The 4 minute video begins with the 1971 Nixon administration and moves up to present-day Colorado’s legalization of marijuana, with Jay Z explaining the inequality and contradictions […]

Goodbye to the Queen of Beale Street

*It’s just one of the days I never thought I would see.  Although she was fabulous, but weak the last time I saw her, she mentioned that doctors told her that she had a bad heart.  Still there was a trace of wit, and vigor as she anticipated her benefit concert, which was just two […]

NY Times Spent a Year Filming Racist Trump Supporters and Just Posted the Video (Watch)

*Brace yourself. The New York Times on Wednesday posted video footage gathered from one year spent embedded in the crowds at Donald Trump rallies. The public has already witnessed heated confrontations with protesters and bursts of violence at the GOP presidential nominee’s campaign stops during the primary season. “But what struck us was the frequency with which some […]

‘Back to This B**ch’: Why Nicki Minaj Checked Miley Cyrus on Live TV

*Minutes after squashing one beef on stage at Sunday’s “VMAs,” Nicki Minaj threw some more beef on the grill. In a recent interview with the New York Times, VMA host Miley Cyrus was asked to comment on the Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj Twitter feud that made headlines several weeks ago. A quick refresher: Minaj tweeted her […]

Bill Cosby’s 2005 Deposition Was Never Actually Sealed?

*Patrick O’Connor, one of the attorneys representing Bill Cosby, is vowing to find out how The New York Times was able to obtain a decade-old deposition given by the comedian that most folks presumed was confidential. Turns out, it wasn’t, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Eriq Gardner. In its story on Saturday, the Times reported that […]