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T.J. Holmes Was Homeless Before Amy Robach ‘Saved’ Him from Depression

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes

*T.J. Holmes claims Amy Robach helped him through the “darkest” period of his life when he was battling depression. “Thoughts of suicide, abuse of alcohol—I didn’t realize how bad off I was,” Holmes said on the most recent episode of the Amy & T.J. podcast, Complex reports. The former GMA3 co-host admitted that he was […]

Marlon Wayans Opens Up About Depression Battle

Marlon Wayans (Netflix)

*Marlon Wayans shared his struggle with depression after mourning the loss of nearly 60 family members and friends within a three-year period. “When you talk about real-life pain, like parents passing, and you can get through that set and you can still be irreverent, edgy, crazy, silly, thought-provoking, and vulnerable, I think that’s growth,” Wayans […]

Miss USA Cheslie Kryst’s Had High-Functioning Depression

Cheslie Kryst - Getty

*Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst’s new memoir, “By the Time You Read This,” was released Tuesday. The book, which was completed by her mother, April Simpkins, explores Kryst’s experience competing for Miss USA and Miss Universe and her battle with high-functioning depression before her suicide in January 2022. Per Business Insider: “The term, which is […]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Keeps It Real About His Battle with Depression | Watch

Dwayne Johnson

*Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is opening up about his battle with depression and mental health journey. During a recent appearance on the podcast The Pivot, Jonhon unpacked his experience with “three bouts of depression”  During his football career at Miami, Johnson sustained a shoulder injury that caused him to feel depressed.  “[I] didn’t want to […]

Lizzo Admits Her ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Depression’ ‘Didn’t Go Away’ with Fame

Lisso with twists

*Lizzo is getting real about her battle with depression and anxiety.  In a new interview with Variety, the singer says her real-life struggles didn’t go away after she became famous.  “It’s more of an observation of you. People become famous, and it’s like — my DNA didn’t change. Nothing changed about me. My anxiety didn’t […]

Taraji P. Henson Fights Depression with New Music

Taraji P Henson (wave) - Getty

*People love Taraji P. Henson and Women’s Health knows it. That’s why they’ve recently featured the fiery thespian as for their cover story. In said story, Henson reveals that she’s trying to introduce the world to her other side—a musician. She’s actually trying to release some of her work to the public as soon as […]

Are You A Social Media Junkie? – The Journal Of Steffanie Rivers | VIDEO

*If you found yourself going through withdrawals when Facebook, Instagram or What’s App locked you out, you might be a social media junkie. It’s not cute! It’s pitiful. But enough about you. Let’s talk about the children affected by what the Facebook whistleblower called depression and suicidal thoughts brought on my cyber peer pressure. Frances […]

Carmelo Anthony on Why Athletes Are ‘Naturally’ Depressed

*Carmelo Anthony, a 10-time NBA All-Star, 37, is speaking out about depression that many professional athletes deal with. Anthony hit up “The Drew Barrymore Show” on Tuesday to discuss his new book, “Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised: A Memoir of Survival and Hope,” released on Sept. 14. “I think athletes, like, we’re naturally depressed being an […]

Michelle Williams Gets Candid About Battle with Depression [VIDEO]

*Michelle Williams appeared on “Good Morning America” Thursday morning to promote her new book and she also opened up about her mental health journey.  The 41-year-old singer, best known as a member of Destiny’s Child, spoke candidly about how she wasn’t officially diagnosed with depression until later in life. When GMA co-host Robin Roberts asked […]

Michelle Obama Admits She Suffers with ‘Low-Grade Depression’ [WATCH]

*During a recent conversation with Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama spoke about dealing with “low-grade depression” and shared tips on how she copes with it.  The former first lady admitted that she’s been dealing with “some form of low-grade depression” since last August, saying it was triggered by the COVID pandemic, racial inequality, and Trump’s presidency. […]

Hairstylist Snaps Pic of Depressed Teen, Goes Viral for the Best Reason…

Calling mental illness an epidemic implies that it’s new, when in reality mental health problems have always been present. It’s just recently that we’ve begun talking about them. At any given time, approximately 20 million Americans suffer from depression. And according to the National Institute of Mental Health, major depressive disorder is one of the […]

Philly Poet, Karen Moore, Brings Issue of Black Women and Depression to Stage

*Karen Moore Enterprises with the Sistah Talk session sponsored by Urban Poetik Ministries Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Empowering Black Women Beyond the Blues Tour featuring performer LaVerne Evans Andrews and a popular writer, producer and performer, Karen Moore. The tour is expected to hit the stage on March 19, 2017. […]

#YouGoodMan? What Happened After Kid Cudi Checked Into Rehab

*In early October, hip-hop performer Kid Cudi surprised fans when he checked himself into rehab — not for addiction or alcohol abuse — but for depression. In the weeks since Kid Cudi’s announcement, the news has helped spark a much-needed conversation about mental health issues among black men. In a Facebook post, Kid Cudi, whose […]