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The Socialist’s Journal: Conservative Politics & the NFL

*Players in the NFL have been protesting since last season, some of them for over a calendar year. Notice I didn’t mention what they’re protesting because that is not important to my argument. And the cause of their activism is negligible because no one is talking about the actual cause. The players are being criticized […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Milo Yiannopoulous

*In the world of conservative bubbles and liberal echo chambers, in the world of the President alleging that news organizations are offering “fake news,” there is a ray of hope. Based on videos that have leaked out on the internet, Milo Yiannopoulous believes teenage boys could benefit from sexual relationships with adult men. The ray […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Conservatism

*There are three basic aspects of society: political, economic, and social. I contend that there are logical obstacles that someone must ignore if they are to support conservatism. Political Conservatism. The essence of political conservatism is less government. Those who promote this way of thinking argue that the larger the government gets, the more damage […]

Black Teen Vlogger Renounces Conservatism; Laquan McDonald Killing Convinced Him

“I’m not conservative no more!” That’s not exactly how now used-ta-be conservative vlogger C.J. Pearson put it, but the bottom line is the youngster seems to have come to his senses. If you don’t recall, Pearson is the 13-year-old African American whose stinging criticism regarding President Obama meeting with the clock-boy, Ahmed Mohamed, went viral […]

The Socialist’s Journal: NBA Playoffs

*I generally define conservatism as wanting to keep things the same or trying to get things back to how they once were. By contrast liberalism is an openness to new ways of doing things. If these definitions sound like value judgments let me assure you that, while I am generally liberal, I don’t not think […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Churchill’s Perspective

*Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains. -Winston Churchill Winston Churchill’s quote is meant to disparage liberals because the implication is that as a person gets older they get wiser and conclude that conservative policies make […]