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The Socialist’s Journal: Teacher Reform

*Andrew Cuomo, the governor of my state, recently gave the state of the state address in which he proposed reform to the public education system. A major portion of his vision is holding teachers accountable for helping their students achieve and eventually terminating them if a teacher displays incompetence. On the other hand Cuomo would […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Religious Fundamentalism

*A little while ago I wrote that the freedom of religion is the most important civil liberty protected by the 1st Amendment. Below is the dark side of that freedom.. The freedom of speech (which I argued is second to religion) is important because it helps to defuse the powder keg that is the freedom […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Stuart Scott

*When Stuart Scott died last week I didn’t appreciate his legacy. When I first started watching ESPN Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann were the headliners of Sportscenter. It seemed like every anchor had some sort of signature catchphrase. In that context Scott didn’t seem so unique. But upon further review Scott’s appearance on ESPN was […]