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The Socialist’s Journal: Blue Chips

*Here is one more example of how unique the Golden State Warriors are. In college basketball most of the good players who will eventually play in the NBA do not stay in school for all four years. In fact the better the player, the less time they spend on a college campus. Last year’s champion […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Consent Forms

*The most recent development on college campuses is folks using forms to affirm their consent to sex. Proponents of these sorts of forms argue that it will lead to many fewer cases of misunderstanding in terms of one person thinking the other was okay with sexual activity. Opponent of these sorts of forms argue that […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Public Enemy #1

*After last week’s extremely hopeful news regarding the way in which conservatives banded together against Milo Yiannopoulos. But then President Trump brought me back to reality with his double barreled assault on the media. Last week President Trump declined to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner presumably because he believes that many of the journalists […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Milo Yiannopoulous

*In the world of conservative bubbles and liberal echo chambers, in the world of the President alleging that news organizations are offering “fake news,” there is a ray of hope. Based on videos that have leaked out on the internet, Milo Yiannopoulous believes teenage boys could benefit from sexual relationships with adult men. The ray […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Salary Caps in Professional Sports

*Whether they won or lost on Sunday there is always a lot of sports commentary about how great a franchise the New England Patriots are. This talk usually revolves around their ability to remain a contender each year despite the salary cap demanding constant roster turnover. First, it must be said that the Patriots’ success […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Trump’s Speech

*It’s official. Donald Trump has been sworn in as president. And in his speech he stuck to his guns and repeated several of the inflammatory statements that earned him so many supporters. Which would be noteworthy unless you consider that this speech was supposed to be the one that united the nation. “January 20th, 2017 […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Why Socialism?

*Every so often I rerun this column as sort of a mission statement. It explains the name of my column and my general perspective. Socialism (as an alternative to pure capitalism) is a much more sustainable (creates tax payers), morally progressive (less exploitative), and legally advantageous stance for any government entity to assume. At its […]

The Socialist’s Journal: My Favorites of 2016

*Many of my columns in 2016 focused on the presidential election cycle and the candidates. But because of the way the election turned out, and the wrongness of my predictions I will spare you the republication of my anti-Trump columns. Nevertheless my favorite columns range from the important… To the ridiculous… To the highly re-tweeted… […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Quick Hits 2016 Pt. 4

*Someone call the people at Webster’s dictionary because they might need to update the definition of irony. A vineyard under the Trump banner in Virginia has formally let the Department of Labor that it is looking to hire foreign workers for their busy harvest season next year. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Accepting Socialism

*As I see it, socialism solves a number of societal problems. It assists in social mobility; it undermines the desire to exploit others; it manufactures a sense of shared community. But there is major roadblock on the way to a socialist utopia. The problem is that socialism asks people to sacrifice for others. Humans are […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Gun Violence Solutions

  *It is a feature of human nature to overemphasize things that personally touch us. Your dog dying is sad but my dog dying is a tragedy. But although I have never experienced gun violence personally, and we have had a nice run recently of no major incidents (knock on wood), I will offer my […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Play It Again (Uncle) Sam

*The more things change the more they stay the same. The Dakota  Access Pipeline is the most recent example in American history of the interests of Native Americans come up against the interests of American society at large. And if you paid any attention in high school social studies class you know how this will […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Muslim Registration

*The most recent development from President-elect Trump’s advisors is to propose registration for Muslim immigrants. Future immigration advisor Kris Kobach has come out in favor of reinstating registration for immigrants from Muslim countries. Such a policy contains multiple aspects that are troubling. First there is the problem that such a policy has a dubious record […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Trump Wins

*Mark Twain said there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. After this election I feel like polls are lies based on statistics. I cannot trust them again. And I’m angry at myself for believing the polls so wholeheartedly during this election cycle. I am not mad at Donald Trump. I don’t believe […]

The Socialist’s Journal: The Choice Before Us

*It is either a woman or a man. It is the distinction between someone with years of political experience and someone with years of business experience. It is a choice between someone who is careful with their words when addressing the public and someone who throws caution to the wind when addressing the public. It […]