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The Socialist’s Journal: Universally Anti-Trump

*I didn’t think Trump was a good candidate. I didn’t vote for him and I didn’t want him to win. But I distinctly remember telling a friend once he won that I hoped I was wrong about how bad things would probably become under the Trump presidency. I wasn’t wrong. As a liberal, it is […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Jenner Bathroom Doors

*Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar & Grill shared pictures of its bathroom doors on social media and people have reacted extremely negatively. What’s all the fuss? The eatery denoted the men’s room with a picture of Bruce Jenner from the Olympics and the ladies’ room with an image of Caitlyn Jenner. I admit that upon first […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Conservative Politics & the NFL

*Players in the NFL have been protesting since last season, some of them for over a calendar year. Notice I didn’t mention what they’re protesting because that is not important to my argument. And the cause of their activism is negligible because no one is talking about the actual cause. The players are being criticized […]

The Socialist’s Journal: NBA Superteams

I return after a long hiatus with a semi functional left hand. Thank you for your patience with my injury. *None other than Michael Jordan, generally recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time, has come out condemning players from opting to join their rivals rather than defeat them. And while I would never […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Quick Hits 2017 Pt. 2

  *I know I am biased because I was an A Tribe Called Quest fan and not a Mobb Deep fan. Nevertheless can we ease up on these tributes for recently deceased artist Prodigy. Mobb Deep did not have the critical acclaim, commercial success, or cultural relevance of ATCQ. Prodigy wasn’t as well liked as […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Bill Cosby’s Mistrial

*Last week Bill Cosby was essentially let off the hook with regards to the accusations of sexual assault against him. I hope we can all move on quickly and definitively. On the one hand Cosby was tried by a jury of his peers and they could not agree that he was guilty of secretly giving […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Bill Maher

With the amount of envelope pushing that Bill Maher engages in, this situation is bound to come up every once in a while. Recently Maher used the n-word. I have 5 reactions to this controversy starting with the fact that most people automatically know what I mean when I use the phrase “n-word” because we have […]

The Socialist’s Journal: The New Normal

*Last weekend there was another apparent terrorist attack in London. If the ISIS communication is to be taken at face value, they are responsible. But really the people behind the attack is not the most significant element in this situation. It is impossible to keep a military force, intelligence gathering force, or law enforcement agents […]

The Socialist’s Journal: LaVar Ball

I am going to try to say this one time but chances are this is the first of many times: LaVar Ball needs to go somewhere and sit down. It is undeniable that he has shepherded his sons to the precipice of NBA stardom. Lonzo will be a high lottery pick next month and LiAngelo […]

The Socialist’s Journal: The End of Pimping

*The existence of pimps is a function of the patriarchal society setup by Judeo-Christian values. According to the documentary “American Pimp,” the men engaged in this trade agree that a female sex worker who solicits men in public spaces needs a man to watch over her or she’ll be a victim of violent crimes. This […]

The Socialist’s Journal: The More Things Change

*Last week I participated in a poetry slam event and having not written anything in years I searched through some of my work from the late 1990s. The fact that with a few edits my spoken word piece was just as relevant today as it was then reveals a universal truth that while the details […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Consequences of the Military Industrial Complex

*Way back in 1961, outgoing President Eisenhower (pictured above) warned the country about becoming too infatuated with the military industrial complex. As the general in charge of American military forces in Europe during World War II, Eisenhower was well acquainted with the usefulness of our society’s mobilization behind a military effort. And yet he still […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Syrian Airstrikes

*Last week President Trump authorized an airstrike against Syria purportedly because the government there had been launching attacks against its citizens.  There are three takeaways from President Trump’s decision, each more important than the last and more central to who Trump is and how he operates. The first is that Trump is hot headed and […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Quick Hits 2017 Pt. 1

*President Trump has proven on many occasions to be a gifted promoter. The Trump name will generate buzz in just about any industry and I think that was one of the things that helped him become president. But a name cannot run a company or govern a country. This is why several of his business […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Raise the Age

*In the mid-2000s Dave Chappelle  had a great bit, “How old is 15 really,” about the double standard involving teenagers. In fact Chappelle was commenting on race just as much as age, but the fact remains that a person’s adolescence is a trying time because of the conflicting messages coming from every direction.Over a decade […]