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Brushstrokes of Diversity: Inspiring Stories of Famous Black Artists | LOOK!

African American artist at work - Depositphotos

*When we think of artists, our minds automatically jump to the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Barbara Hepworth, Vincent van Gogh, and Andy Warhol. Can you spot a theme within the list? None of them are Black artists. For many years, Black artists – famous and un-famous – have been shunned by the general art […]

Black Artists Use AI to Create Surreal Images of ‘Fat Black People’ in Sci-Fi

AI art of fat black people

*Black artists are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create fat, Black, and queer science fiction characters. “It just astonishes me that fat people in general are treated and depicted as second-class citizens in science fiction works, or they’re made to represent something like greed, lust, or villainy,” artist Alex Smith told BuzzFeed News. Smith uses […]