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Artist-in-Residence Cuffed at Gunpoint by Cops Who Thought He Had Broken In (Watch)

*An artist is speaking out after Columbia, South Carolina police officers handcuffed him on Monday, believing he was an intruder at an arts center. In fact, he is an “artist-in-residence,” and the facility allows the artist to sleep and work there while his art is being displayed. According to a statement from the Columbia Police […]

Westbrooks’ ‘Anatomy of the Music Industry’ Now Available!

*Ascent Publishing proudly announces the release of “The Anatomy of the Music Industry: How the Game Was & How the Game Has Changed” by veteran music industry executive Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks. The new book follows the evolution of R&B, soul, pop, gospel & hip hop through the eyes and expertise of Dr. Westbrooks, as well […]