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WT…?!? Mayor of Kenai, Alaska Wants Cats On Leashes…Or Else!

*Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about Alaska. I know it’s cold. I know it’s dark during a lot of the year. And I know it’s been said that you can see Russia from certain houses there. But this one takes the frozen cake. If the mayor of Kenai, Alaska has her way, cats will need […]

Gerald Albright’s Brilliant New Album is a Family Affair

*“Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” I saw that quote on jazz legend Gerald Albright’s Facebook page, and instantly fell in love with it. As it had no attribution, I called Albright to get the scoop on who was behind those wondrous words. “I’m not sure who […]

Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word (Listen to Interview with Creator, Kyle D. Bowser)

*Santa Monica, CA –  The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica presents Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word a one-of-a-kind interactive event on October 17 at 7:30pm.  Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word, is an original fusion of dramatized litigation, deliberation and audience participation, which explores both sides of a very […]

Pasadena Playhouse Moves 2nd Production of 2016-17 Season

*The Pasadena Playhouse announced today it will move the second production of its 2016-2017 Season to a later date in 2017 and will be cancelling M. BUTTERFLY. The decision was made after The Playhouse was unable to secure rights to present the play later in its season due to the Broadway revival in Spring 2017. […]

Pastor Tells HS Crowd to Stand for National Anthem or … Get Shot!

*By now, we should all be use to nut cases who try to use scripture to justify the ills of man.  Slavery, the oppression of women, homophobia…I always say:  if you want a scripture to justify what you want to think, you can find one…or twist one…to suit your needs. But I’ll be damned if […]

Apple Announces iPhone 7, Resale Prices for Old Phone Already Declining

*What? An upgrade is due already? Didn’t we just purchase this iPhone? Probably. But that’s apparently how it works. It seems like only months after you spend hundreds on “the latest version” of an Apply iPhone, another version comes out. That’s why I have an Android.  On Wednesday, Apple announced its iPhone 7. And according to Matthew […]

Innocent Black Man Punched & Tasered By Cops Awarded … $18.00 by Jury

*Art equals daily life. Spoiler Alert: Today’s episode of The Young & The Restless will show Adam Newman and his wife, Chelsea, along with their small son, witnessing a rude awakening. Police will barge into the temporary bedroom of the couple, in the middle of the night, and all-hell-will break loose. So much for TV. But […]

TV Station Suspends Female Anchors, Orders Them to Lose Weight

*They say the camera adds 10 pounds, and that everyone looks a little…healthier on TV.  Egypt’s state broadcaster thinks it’s more than the camera for eight of its female anchors, and has suspended them and ordered them to lose weight!   The Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) has given the women just one month […]

Olympians Have to Pay Federal Taxes on Their Medals

*Simone Biles is bringing home mucho oro from the Olympics in Rio… (that’s “a lot of gold”…thank you, Rosetta Stone!) …but Uncle Sam will be expecting his cut after she gets back. I guess I should have known. Lottery winners often pay hefty taxes on cash prizes. But I guess I figured that after athletes […]

Teachers ‘Didn’t Do Anything’ to Help this Bullied Teen, So He Killed Himself

*He tried to get their attention, to let them know what he was going through. He wanted the teachers at Holy Angels Catholic Academy to know about the constant, merciless bullying he had to endure by five boys who used to be his friends. But 13-year-old Danny Fitzpatrick said the teachers “Didn’t do ANYTHING.” So the […]

Harry Potter Mania Is Back — New Book Draws Crowds, Breaks Records (Photos!)

*Some of my fondest memories of my eldest daughter growing up are the times we shared with Harry Potter. And it wasn’t just Harry: Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Draco, Snape, and of course Volde…oops…HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED were all a part of a wonderful shared reading experience between the two of us. I remember […]

Where Are All of the Pokemon Negroes?

*At one point, I really thought I was the last person on earth who hadn’t heard of Pokemon Go, the allegedly interactive mobile game that’s being played on literally millions of mobile devices as I type. Even with reports of players falling off of cliffs, being robbed, and even killed, it’s caught on like wildfire […]