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Kelly Rowland Has Intense Confrontation with Security at Cannes Premiere | WATCH

Kelly Rowland in Cannes
Kelly Rowland in Cannes / screenshot

*Video footage captured Kelly Rowland in a tense exchange with security at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, showing her displeasure with the manner in which she was being escorted into the theater.

The superstar singer was photographed on the red carpet at the premiere of the French-Italian film “Marcello Mio,” where she was seen shouting at a female security guard.

It’s unclear what the woman said that upset the former Destiny’s Child member, but fans online attempted to read Rowland’s lips and claim she said, “Don’t talk to me like that.”

On X/Twitter, one journalist noted, “This is an accurate way Cannes security treats folks, especially if you’re Black and Kelly Rowland responded the RIGHT way to the disrespect.”

Watch the moment below.

Per HELLO! US, one social media user said: “It was very clear Kelly Rowland was trying to take photos and they were rushing her then that security guard stepped on her dress and Kelly tried to correct her nicely and the security guard decided to be rude and Kelly said, ‘Don’t talk to me like that’.”

Another added: “The full video of Kelly Rowland fighting in Cannes. Apparently the security guards were rushing her, but in a very incisive way, you know, even rude. And the woman touched her, and if there’s one thing that makes Americans happy, it’s when you touch them for no reason.”

According to an insider speaking to the Daily Mail, Kelly “doesn’t care” about being labelled a diva, as she aimed to establish a clear boundary.

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