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Tiffany Y-esha Griffin, The ACE Network Empower Emerging Talent

Tiffany Y-Esha Griffin, Founder of The ACE Network
Tiffany Y-esha Griffin, founder of The ACE Network

*Entrepreneur and TV/Film producer Tiffany Y-esha Griffin believes it’s time to restore a sense of community and revive positive and uplifting programming for black audiences. That is exactly why she launched The ACE Network, a new platform that aims to amplify the voices of emerging artists and creatives, and also provide an array of content that entertains, educates, and empowers viewers.

Growing frustrated with the prevalence of negative and often stereotypical images flooding TV screens and social media apps, the Atlanta-based visionary decided that instead of waiting for someone else to do something about it, she would.

“Our focus is to create something of impact where people truly have a voice that is not altered and manipulated, and where people can see diverse and authentic representations of black people and our interests,” Griffin said.

The ACE Network will feature music videos, documentaries, scripted and unscripted shows, short films, and movies covering genres from comedy and action to drama and sci-fi.

“When I was growing up, I watched shows like 106 & Park, Teen Summit, Rap City Tha Basement, TRL, Family Matters, Martin, Real World, Road Rules, and Dawson’s Creek,” she said. “We had networks like TGIF and UPN. So, I want to bring that vibe and sense of community from the 1990s and early 2000s into the present day for this generation.”

Griffin shooting content
Tiffany Y-esha Griffin shooting content

Originally from St. Louis, Griffin was a rapper during her teenage years in the early 2000s, known simply by her stage name,”Y-esha.”  As her popularity increased, she would win an Artist of The Year award, land songs on local radio stations, and even sign a small development deal with Jive Records. Other highlights of her career came when she teamed up with late St. Louis rap sensation, Huey, and later went on a music tour.

“I always wanted to be a rap superstar,” Griffin said. “But I decided to go to college at Missouri State University to learn the back end of things so I wouldn’t get screwed over in business. I ended up studying Electronic Media Production, where we worked in recording studios, on TV sets, learned how to run the cameras for a news station, and taught us 3D animation. We also learned how to put the boards together and run your own system. That’s not what I initially wanted to do, but it ended up opening a whole new world for me.”

After graduation, Griffin maintained her love for music but developed an appreciation for the power of media. In 2006, she launched her own production company, REEL Point of View Media. On her long list of production credits are A Day in the Life of Ronnie, featuring Ronnie DeVoe of the legendary R&B group New Edition, the UPN series Da Hookup, the web series Black N Boomin’, and several others. She has also worked as a media consultant for COX Communications, covering events, and producing animated training programs, and she successfully launched CareTube, a platform that assists agents with customer service calls.

Still, despite learning many valuable lessons and witnessing firsthand the power of media at a major corporation, Griffin made some troubling observations that are not uncommon for those like her.

“In most cases, I was the only black woman in the room, and I noticed that a lot of things are smoke and mirrors,” she said. “I never really felt like I had a voice, instead, I was just another check in the diversity and inclusion box. Your voice, even if it is heard, is manipulated, and heard in a different way than it was intended by the time it reaches the decision-makers. I want to change that. I want people to be heard, which is why I started The ACE Network.”

In 2024, The ACE Network is focused on establishing a presence at major business, social, and entertainment events, and is currently accepting ideas and submissions from entrepreneurs, content creators, filmmakers, and music artists.

To learn more about The ACE Network, visit and follow on Instagram, here. Viewers can watch with ROKU or Fire TV.

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