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The Pulse of Entertainment: MAKO Girls’ Music Video Airs on MTV’s ‘Spankin New’ | VIDEOs

Mako Girls
MAKO Girls – Kena, Mimi and A-Ni Ochoa, place on MTV Spankin New and release third single ‘Snake’ from ‘Lvls to This,’

*“They loved the video at MTV,” said Mimi Ochoa, second-eldest of three sisters that make up the very popular Hip-Hop R&B/Pop girl group MAKO Girls. She was talking about the music video to their second single “Ain’t Thinking Bout You” being aired on MTV’s “Spankin New.”

“We got a call…telling us where the music video was placed…and the biggest one of all was MTV’s ‘Spankin New,’ we said Yea!” said Kena Ochoa, the eldest sister.

I asked the girls did they see anything different once their music video was aired and Kena added, “The music video views actually jump from 40,000 to 60,000. That week we was listening to it (on MTV) and my mother gets up and goes to the bathroom and we can hear her start screaming!”

“Yea, and we had just woke up,” laughed A-Ni Ochoa – the youngest sister.

“We released a new single ‘Snakes’ at the top of the year,” Mimi informed me. “It’s about people who want to be around you…cause of everything you have. We can’t relate to that.”

I was telling the Atlanta based girls, who performed at my ‘ULMII’ Entertainment Conference in 2023, that based on their performance they are superstars. Not in the making of being superstars but have arrived. They have amassed over 300 performances around the world.

The MAKO Girls started performing a little over 10 years ago as dancers and their confidence and someone’s suggestion made them add singing, rapping and songwriting to their act. They told me once that they didn’t even know they could sing or rap until they tried. You would never believe that when you hear them. They have the TLC Hip-Hop flair with the Destiny’s Child R&B harmony.

“We perform at the Café City Festival June 1, 2024. We performed at the event many times, it helps the homeless,” said A-Ni when I asked about upcoming performances. “We support the homeless, so they have a place to sleep.”

If you are in Atlanta, come support the girls by seeing their performance Saturday June 1st at the Café City Fest Piedmont Park Public Parking Deck North (1301 Monroe Dr. NE).

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