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Stevie Wonder Receives Ghanaian Citizenship: ‘I’ve Talked About Being a Citizen in This Country’ | Video

Stevie Wonder Granted Ghanaian Citizenship
Stevie Wonder / YouTube screenshot

*Stevie Wonder was granted Ghanaian citizenship on his 74th birthday. The milestone occurred after the singer revealed in 2021 his plans to make Ghana his permanent residence.

Vibe reports that the music icon participated in a ceremony at the Jubilee House on May 13, where he swore the Oath of Allegiance and was presented with his Certificate of Citizenship.

“First of all, give all praise to God. Since I was a little boy, I always believed in my heart that there was nothing impossible. The spirit of the most high, our God, and for years since about 1972, I talked about coming to Ghana […] For over 50 years, I’ve talked about being a citizen in this country,” Wonder said at the event. 

“The truth is I’m committed to—now as Ghanian citizen—being apart of fulfilling the dream we’ve had for so many years of bringing people of Africa, those of the diaspora, together,” he continued.

“The only way the world will come together is that we unite as a united people of the world,” said Wonder during the ceremony.

“In conferring Ghanaian citizenship upon Stevie Wonder, we not only extend our warmest embrace to a beloved son of Africa, but also reaffirm our belief in the enduring spirit of Pan-Africanism and the global African family, and the boundless potential of our continent and all its descendants,” President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addohe wrote on X/Twitter.

“Living in America, I started, but I’m not done. I’m here to do this, to bring us together, all people of all nations because I know that we are the original people of the planet. So it is only fitting that we bring all of our children together,” said Wonder. “I’ve never seen the colors of the people, but I’ve seen their hearts.”

Watch highlights from the ceremony in the clip above.

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