Saturday, June 22, 2024

Sex Offender Fakes Death – Adopts New Identity in Arizona | VIDEO

*Benjamin Hollins was presumed dead after a witness claimed he jumped to his death off a bride and his body was never recovered.

As it turns out, Hollins allegedly faked his death to avoid registering as a sex offender. Now he’s back in custody after assuming a new identity in Arizona, People reports.

The 50-year-old convicted sex offender was thought to have jumped off the Theodore Roosevelt Lake Bridge in Arizona in October 2023. But after an extension search, authorities never found a body.

Here’s the backstory… more than 20 years ago, Hollins was convicted as a sex offender in California. By 2018, when he moved to Arizona City, he was not registered as a sex offender. He ultimately landed a job as a behavioral health counselor, where he kidnapped and attempted to molest a 16-year-old client.

After pleading guilty in the case, he was required to register every year as a sex offender in exchange for supervised probation. As a result, he persuaded a woman to file a false report to fake his death in 2023, authorities say.

However, investigators were not convinced that Hollins was dead. They tracked him down this month to a home in Mesa, Ariz. He was living under a fake name with a family that “had no idea about his history,” per authorities. The family had young children.

SWAT team members arrested Hollins on May 14, booking him into the Pinal County Detention Center.

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