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Father Justifies Attacking 7-Year-Old Bully’s Dad in Viral Video | Watch

man beats up little girl's father over bullying

*A video of a man named Kavi went viral after he explained to a 7-year-old girl why he beat up her father.

The man elaborates on how the young girl had been bullying his daughter, and despite his efforts to address the matter appropriately, the situation persisted, leaving him with no further recourse, Ice Cream Convos reports.

The man teamed with his brothers to confront the girl’s father. In the clip, Kavi continued by noting that since the child was too young to catch a beatdown, her father had to bear the consequences of her actions.

Watch what he had to say about the controversial matter in the video below.

In a follow-up video, Kavi explained why he enlisted his brothers’ help to fight the girl’s father.

Since going viral, Kavi claims he has been inundated with hate messages from angry fathers across the country.

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In the Instagram video below, Kavi says “full-grown men” have been hitting up his inbox, threatening to fly to his state to beat him up in response to the beatdown he served on the little girl’s dad.



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