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Dr. George C. Fraser: Championing Excellence and Empowerment in the Black Community | VIDEO

Dr. George C. Fraser
George Fraser

*Dr. George C. Fraser, the mastermind behind the revolutionary PowerNetworking Conference, stands as a beacon of innovation and empowerment within the African American community.

As the dynamic founder and CEO of FraserNet Inc., Dr. Fraser has transcended his corporate beginnings to become a venerated author, speaker, and mentor whose impact reverberates through generations.

From his early days mopping floors on midnight shifts at LaGuardia Airport to overcoming personal and business bankruptcies, Dr. Fraser’s journey is a profound testament to the resilience and tenacity of the human spirit. His narrative is not just about surviving; it’s about thriving against the odds and creating a legacy of influence and achievement.

Through FraserNet Inc., Dr. Fraser has ignited a cultural movement that champions networking as a vital tool for economic and personal growth. His PowerNetworking Conference has grown into an essential gathering, drawing thousands of Black professionals eager to connect, learn, and lead.

This event isn’t just a conference; it’s a transformational experience that equips attendees with the tools to prosper and drive change within their communities.

Dr. George C. Fraser
George Fraser

Dr. Fraser’s literary contributions, including six bestselling books, have laid the groundwork for what he terms the “art of being unapologetically Black, unapologetically creative, and unapologetically yourself.” His upcoming autobiography, You are Not Going To Believe This Sh*t: The Crazy Life and Tumultuous Times of George C. Fraser, promises to be an unflinching look at the challenges and triumphs that have defined his remarkable path.

Looking to the future, Dr. Fraser is pioneering an ambitious project: FraserNation in the virtual/metaverse realm. This bold initiative aims to create a digital nation where the Black community can flourish free from the constraints of physical borders, promoting a global unity that Dr. Fraser believes will be game-changing.

The upcoming PowerNetworking Experience & Expo in Charlotte, NC, from July 10-13, is more than an event—it’s a rallying call for Black women, Gen Xers, and Millennials to engage in a dialogue about cultural unity and economic empowerment. Dr. Fraser’s sessions promise to be provocative, challenging participants to consider how they can individually and collectively shape a future where everyone can achieve greatness.

This July, join Dr. George C. Fraser in shaping a new narrative for success and community engagement. Learn more about how you can participate in this groundbreaking event and follow Dr. Fraser’s transformative work through his vibrant social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Your path to empowerment and excellence awaits. Go to PowerNetworkingConference.com.

Watch below what people are saying about the event.

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