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Dental Office Worker Warns Against ‘100% Illegal’ Activity with ‘Veneer Technicians’ | VIDEO

Screenshot Photos: @dani_bananni/TikTok @rellstyles
Screenshot Photos: @dani_bananni/TikTok @rellstyles

*Anyone looking to get work done on your teeth should heed a warning posted by a dental office assistant against folk claiming to be ‘veneer technicians.”

According to The Daily Dot, the worker-in-question is a woman named Dani. Taking to TikTok, Dani (@dani_bananni) stated the veneer technician practices are completely illegal.

The TikToker set off the chatter by sharing a clip from another social media user’s video that featured the onscreen caption, “When you realize you can make over 5k a week being a Veneer Tech.”

After the clip ends, Dani turns the camera on her as she records herself confirming what she said about the veneer techs.

“This is 100% illegal, and we need to talk about it.”

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Breaking things down further, Dani stated that the people licensed in the United States to provide veneers are dentists. “And in order to become a dentist, you have to go to school for eight years,” she added.

Driving Dani’s point home are revalations from Advanced Dentistry that show the only people licensed in the United States to perform veneers are “general dentists, cosmetic dentists and some orthodontists.”

Regardless of title or specialty, Dani said the dentists have eight years of school under their belt and are doctors of dentistry.

“There is not a single person other than a doctor of dentistry who can perform veneers legally,” she continued, while expressing how painful things can get when someone administers veneers without the proper qualifications.

“When you start chipping away the enamel and filing down the tooth structure, you are seriously risking tooth damage and nerve damage in your mouth,” Dani detailed. “And this isn’t like a fingernail or a lash or an eyebrow, something that grows back. These are your teeth, and you can expose nerves and other things when you’re filing incorrectly.”

Referencing comments from South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry, The Daily Dot noted that “filing down the teeth yourself is a terrible method of correcting your teeth that can do more harm than good.”

“If teeth are filed down incorrectly, you are at risk of “dental hypersensitivity, tooth fractures, cavities and tooth decay, and gum disease and bone loss,” the SHCD site stated.

The danger is very clear and very present. For Dani, the biggest issue comes down to money and people supposedly spending thousands of dollars to become veneer technicians.

“…and that’s not even legal,” Dani said. “So please do not fall for this. It is 100% illegal and so dangerous for your natural teeth.”

Those looking for the ideal bright, need to “get Crest White strips” or go to your dentist for “custom bleaching trays, maybe Invisalign,” she recommended

Although dental work can be expensive, Dani urged folks to not opt for a cheaper way to get their teeth serviced.

“…resorting to illegal practices “will compromise your tooth structure, and it will leave you with way more problems than you started with,” she mentioned.

Knowing the consequences of choosing a “veneer technician, Dani was very vocal in calling for the techs to be arrested and far from customers who don’t know any better than to latch on to someone with false promises. Since posting her TikTok video, Dani’s clip has gone viral, with more than 4.7 million views and 411,000 likes on the video, as of May 1.

The risk of infection can be increased with using a veneer technician, according to The Daily Dot. The site highlighted remarks from Apple Springs Dentistry which outlined how a tooth infection can lead to “memory loss when the infection spreads to the brain.” When the infection “reaches the tooth’s root, the infection threatens nerves and blood vessels, which directly connect to the brain.”

Reaction to Dani’s video has ignited social media users who join her in voicing their outrage over the shady veneer practice.

“I need the authorities or whoever to start arresting these people, Veneer Tech was my final straw,” one person commented, while another voiced fear of people not realizing “how close and connected the teeth are to the brain,”

“There is also a huge risk of infection. Scary with how close to your brain it is,” a fellow user added.

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