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Dashcam Footage Captures Semi-Truck Driver’s Reaction in Near Plunge Off Louisville Bridge | Watch

Dashcam Captures Semi-Truck Dangling Off Bridge
Screenshot / Credit: TMZ

*Dashcam footage showing a semi-truck narrowly avoiding plunging off a Louisville bridge went viral this week, and now the driver is speaking out for the first time since the incident occurred three months ago. 

The footage was presented in court in a criminal case against a driver seen in the video swerving in front of the truck. The semi-truck driver, a Black woman, spent nearly an hour dangling over the Ohio River before firefighters rescued her. 

TMZ reports that the frightening incident unfolded when a pickup truck veered out of its lane to avoid a stalled electric vehicle and collided with Thomas’ semi-truck. 

“This is the closest I’ve been,” the semi-truck, Sydney Thomas, 26, told WHAS11.

“Sometimes you pray, and I’m guilty of this, I pray, and I don’t think God is listening,” she said. “But he was that day.”

Thomas’ father, Marc Thomas, a truck driver, said, “That [rescue] was nothing but God displaying himself to me.”

Thomas intends to resume work at Sysco on June 1, but she won’t immediately return to driving semis across the Clark Memorial Bridge, also known as the Second Street Bridge.

“I got in an Uber one day and he was about to go across [that bridge]. I said ‘No! You can’t do that,'” she said, per WHAS11. 

When Thomas explained to the driver who she was, he immediately took her over the nearby toll bridge.

Per TMZ, “The driver of the pickup has reportedly been charged with 4 counts of wanton endangerment — as well as 1 count of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license,” the outlet writes. 

Hear more from Thomas in the clip below.

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