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Cheeky Tot Attempts to Give Grandma the Middle Finga – Ends in Adorable (and Hilarious) Flop | WATCH

Cheeky Tot Attempts to Mimic Rude Gesture Towards Grandma, Ends in Adorable Flop
Ny Ny / TikTok screenshot

Entertainment News site MadameNoire highlights viral TikTok videos in a series called Tales From TikTok. The latest installment is a March 19 clip of a cheeky tot/toddler named Ny Ny who attempts to give her grandmother the middle finger but charmingly fails.

A video of the moment was shared to the @NyNy_Granny20 account, showing the child “being dragged out of the house by the hood of her coat during a feud with her grandmother,” MadameNoire writes. 

“Leave me alone,” the little girl shouted as her grandmother pushed her out the front door.

“Don’t come back no more, baby!” granny clapped back.

Social media users apparently find the moment funny and adorable. Watch the clip below.

@nyny_granny20 #viralvideo #viral #funny #funnyvideos #grannygotproblems #makemefamous #fyp ♬ original sound – NyNy_Granny20

 In the video’s comments, one person wrote, “The firm grip on the coat … lawdddd grandma was fed up honey.”

Another TikTok user added, “Granny fed up, she closed both doors!”

A third commented about the cheeky tot, “Having your granny throw you out her house like a bouncer is crazy.”

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